The Egg: This Short Story Is The Most Powerful Thing You Will Ever Read

I don't want to spoil any of the nuances and revelations, but I can tell you some of the aspects covered. Which religion was the 'right' religion, is there a heaven or hell, what is the purpose of life, why create humans and the connection between our maker and us are revealed.

This story personally fits my weird, personal mash-ups of belief eriely well. It was really exciting to see so many ideas I mull in my head on a daily basis, so perfectly summed up in an adorable and well organized dialogue.

It turns out a handful of my friends had read the story as well. The story became a platform for us to probe eachother's beliefs and ideas in a way that helped us relate to ouir distinctive truths and perception.

The story is under one thousand words, maybe a five to ten minute read. Its message is universal, not disrespecting or belittling any philosophy or religion.

I strongly recommend it, not only in a recreational sense but in a way to expand your awareness of the universe's potential.

Andy Weir has been writing science fiction on his website since the mid 1980's. The Egg was his first widely recognized published story.

It has been translated into over thirty languages and even has a short film tailored after it by Sam Meacock, starring Harrison Lee and Philip Hope.

Another published work of his that gained a lot of attention was his novel The Martian, which was adapted into the 2015 blockbuster featuring Matt Damon. You can read his collected works here.

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