Should We Let Go Of These Old Fashioned Social Customs That People Are Finding Unacceptable?

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If you really think about it, the way of the world might have changed a lot over time, yet not all that much at the same time. Some customs and expectations have stood the test of time, even if they shouldn’t necessarily have been. We simply continued them on because they were all we knew and we passed them on from generation to generation.

While some customs like sit-down family dinners might still be nice, others might actually be toxic and regressive. People of all ages took to the Twitter to share which customs they find completely unacceptable in this day and age.

Shaming Single Mothers

shaming single mothers instead of absentee father

DibestHub / Twitter

DibestHub / Twitter

Even today as women have made strides in their social status they still can’t ever seem to win. They lose if they stay with their toxic partner who is definitely not any better as a father, and yet they still lose if they find the courage to leave him and become a single mother.

Yet single dads have no problem earning everyone’s sympathy for being to do it all when single moms are doing the exact same thing and more.