Should We Let Go Of These Old Fashioned Social Customs That People Are Finding Unacceptable?

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If you really think about it, the way of the world might have changed a lot over time, yet not all that much at the same time. Some customs and expectations have stood the test of time, even if they shouldn’t necessarily have been. We simply continued them on because they were all we knew and we passed them on from generation to generation.

While some customs like sit-down family dinners might still be nice, others might actually be toxic and regressive. People of all ages took to the Twitter to share which customs they find completely unacceptable in this day and age.

Shaming Single Mothers

shaming single mothers instead of absentee father

DibestHub / Twitter

DibestHub / Twitter

Even today as women have made strides in their social status they still can’t ever seem to win. They lose if they stay with their toxic partner who is definitely not any better as a father, and yet they still lose if they find the courage to leave him and become a single mother.

Yet single dads have no problem earning everyone’s sympathy for being to do it all when single moms are doing the exact same thing and more.

Minimum Wages And Tips

paying waitresses actual wages

PlatinumRevol / Twitter

PlatinumRevol / Twitter

​It seems quite unfair that those in the hospitality industry have to rely on the unpredictability of the kindness of others to hopefully make enough to live. There’s this cycle where a lot of the time even the customers aren’t making enough to tip the waiters as they deserve.

Everyone is struggling so maybe we should start factoring in living expenses in the minimum wages rolled out today.

That Men Showing Emotion Is Weakness

telling boys not to cry

2000Alweaver / Twitter

2000Alweaver / Twitter

​By now you’ve probably heard of the term “toxic masculinity” being thrown around. Somewhere along the line, we figured that we should teach men not to show emotion and that crying is a weakness. We told them that as the head of the family they need to be strong and manly and forgot that at the end of the day they’re still human.

Instead what happened is that they learned to repress their feelings and it comes out in toxic projections instead, like anger.

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That Women Need to Get Married

making women feel incomplete with family

ThabileThinane / Twitter

ThabileThinane / Twitter

How come gender roles are still a thing? The single women in their 30s now are on to something. So many of us got married so young because we thought it was the right thing, or the next thing to do only to end up in unhappy marriages or divorced anyway.

It’s better to be happy and single than to start a family and be miserable just to fit into customary standards.

Taking Away Pain

labelling everything as God's will

SueainX / Twitter

SueainX / Twitter

The issue here isn’t spirituality, it’s that most people will say that and stop there. Even if it is God’s will, doesn’t mean that we need to just sit there and accept it. Even if the worse happens, what are you going to do about it?

We are the only ones in control of our path. Sometimes that means starting out by being really upset for a while and that’s okay too.

The Work/ Life Balance

the 5 day 40 hours week

Frederiqued1 / Twitter

Frederiqued1 / Twitter

​Many of us leave for work with the sunrise and come home with the sunset. We spend most of our waking hours working and by the time we come home, we barely have any energy left to spend time with our loved ones or be productive in our personal lives.

The only way to balance that out is to work less but most of us don’t have that option.

Working Over Self Care

medicines like dayquil that promote working while sick instead of resting

IamGMJohnson / Twitter

IamGMJohnson / Twitter

​We don’t teach ourselves to love ourselves enough. We’re often our own last priority. We spend so much time taking care of others and responsibilities that even when our bodies can’t keep up, we keep on pushing them anyway.

What happens is that we burn out and we eventually break. For some, it means living in a constant state of tiredness and chronic pain.

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Maintaining Eye contact

expecting eye contact for good communication

KaijaNonyabiz / Twitter

KaijaNonyabiz / Twitter

​Eye contact is often seen not only as a sign of confidence but as respect. When we feel ashamed or uncomfortable we look down at the ground in defeat, and when we feel confident and want to show someone we’re paying attention we’re meant to look them straight in the eyes.

Yet, for some people, it’s not that simple. Some people struggle to maintain contact even when they know they’re supposed to.

The Marriage Contract

marriage as the highest form of love

RebbleP / Twitter

RebbleP / Twitter

​Little girls dream of their wedding day and romantic movies always end with the lovers working through their issues and getting married. But no one really talks about what happens after that. The fuss seems to be all about the big party that costs thousands of dollars but not about the actual concept of marriage.

It’s become nothing more than a contract and an overpriced party. Some couples live happily ever after and still manage to skip that step.

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