Shoutout To Low Maintenance Friends

5 Kinds Of "Friends" No One Needs In Their Life

Everyone has friends they don't need. The type of people who don't do anything for you and expect you to do everything for them.

Below is a brief list of the five types of friends no one needs in their life...

1. The flake.

We've all had a friend like the flake before. You ask them to hang out, they agree, but then they don't show up.

Or they'll show up, stick around for a few minutes and then bounce to something they want to do more. Flakes suck, and they're just one type of person that doesn't belong in your life.

2. The braggart.

We all want to see our friends be successful and do amazing things with their lives. They have every right to celebrate their accomplishments and include you in on it!

But the braggart takes it to a whole new level, flaunting successes in front of your face and putting themselves above you. Ugh! Isn't that just the worst?

The braggart has no place in your life.

3. The doubter.

The doubter is my least favorite. Start a new job? The doubter thinks it won't work out. Opening a business? The doubter doesn't think you'll succeed.

Moving to another city? The doubter thinks you'll be back eventually. Getting a dog? The doubter thinks you chose the wrong breed. Sound like anyone in your life? Pretty annoying.

4. The naysayer.

No matter the suggestion, the idea, or the general goal, the naysayer will always say no. No no no. The naysayer can be challenging to identify.

Real friends might say no and have either your or their best interests at heart. Naysayers fear the unknown and want to impose that fear onto you.

5. The complainer.

This is easily the most exhausting among them. I used to have a good friend like this. I moved away and hadn't seen him for years. I finally decided to visit and he picked me up at the airport.

We got stuck in traffic and he complained and complained and complained the whole time. I figured we could just enjoy each other's company, but no. It was complainsville. Needless to say, I don't reach out anymore.

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