Shut Off Their Phone

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1. Take a trip.

That’s right. Get out of town. Get out of whatever setting you’ve been in. If you’re feeling crushed by something, take a peek at a nearby large city.

Take a plane to visit an old friend. Just get out. Experience a change in scenery.

2. Meet new people.

Inviting new people into your life has a positive effect on our moods. We’re social creatures, and a great way to heal from toxicity of past relationships is to forge ahead with some new ones.

3. Talk about it.

Take about your story with close friends. Don’t lie about it. Be honest.

Share the feelings, share where you felt strength, share why you feel so broken. Don’t apologize for where you’ve been.

4. Change up your looks.

Change your hair, get some new clothes, change up your overall look. Sometimes a deliberate outward change is what we need in order to feel like we’ve begun a new chapter.

5. If it doesn’t work for you, ditch it.

Quit that which doesn’t work for you. When you feel like your life is in ruins, get rid of the ruins and start building up something new for yourself.

6. De-clutter your life.

Get rid of excess junk. Clean out your drawers. Donate a bunch of stuff to the local non profit thrift store. Just get the clutter out.

Start with a fresh new space. Fill it with new things you want.

7. Learn something new.

Pick up a new language. Study a new science that interests you. Take a class at the community college. Get out there, better yourself, learn something new, meet some new people. It’ll be good for your recovery.

8. Forgive.

Forgive yourself. Forgive God. Forgive the universe. Forgive others.

Don’t be afraid to get mad and feel your emotions, but above all else, find it in your heart to forgive. It’s the only way to move on.

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