This new invention allows you to turn your bike into a water boat

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Introducing the Shuttle Bike. This is a portable kit that transforms a traditional bicycle into a water boat. This kit can be carried easily and is extremely helpful for people who travel long distances by bike.

The design of the kit was down by Roberto Siviero along with an engineering firm named. This new device is exclusively manufactured in Venice, Italy.

Which makes perfect sense because all of the canals would be a perfect testing grounds for a product like this.

The kit is made up of pontoons or floats that are airtight and can be inflated with the assistance of a special bike pedal that forces air into the floats.

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The pontoons are normally yellow in color and made of a combination of plastic and nylon for strength. All you need to do is attached the rudder to the front wheel.

This nifty little device starts around $1,300 depending on the type of package you want. Essentially converting any bike into a pedal boat.