7 Not So Obvious Signs Of Chronic Anxiety You Should Never Ignore

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Here the most common signs of anxiety, burnout and stress.

This is not a medical diagnosis, please consultant a psychologist if you have conecerns.

Moodiness And Irritability

When dealing with anxiety, anyone is subject to mood swings. The intensity of these mood swings depends on the person and their situation. When someone has a lower amount of patience and focus, they automatically have a shorter fuse. They may lash out in their mental fatigue. Chemically the brain is in a state of flux and change.

The anxiety makes a person very much on edge and uncertain. They may be handling it well one moment but the situation will change and when it does, they will loose their mental footing.You have to remember that anxiety triggers depression, mania , and everything in between. It clears the way for many different mental and emotional formations to manifest.