5 Common Struggles Faced When Going Through Major Life Change

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You feel lost.

A man rubbing the back of his head, looking up from his phone, lost in the city.
Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio
Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

When your life is going through major changes, you may feel at times like you are lost. Like you’re not really sure of who you are anymore. You’re not totally sure if you’re happy or unhappy. Don’t worry, this feeling of being lost is perfectly normal.

You see only problems.

When your life is changing, it feels like just one problem after a next. Your problems become much more apparent than their solutions. But don’t worry, the solutions will come. Don’t become disheartened. Think creatively.

You feel self conscious.

You may start to feel self conscious when your life begins the process of changing.

You’re probably changing into someone you weren’t before, and you can’t be totally sure how others will perceive you. But don’t be worried about the judgement of others. You’re changing for you, not them.

You see what you don’t want.

When your life begins to change, it isn’t always about seeing what you want and going after it. Part of it is seeing exactly what it is that you don’t want. It’s just as important as knowing what you want.

Emotions are running high.

When life starts changing on you, your emotions can certainly run pretty high.

Remember to take deep breaths, center yourself, and engage in things that help you feel balanced.

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