6 Signs You Need to Cut Certain People Out of Your Life

Building connections with others is a vital part of being human. Humans thrive within community, and cultivating your community wisely is important for your ultimate well-being. It's normal and natural to have disagreements with people and not get along perfectly. Even in your closest, deepest relationships, there will be periods of turmoil.

But through healthy disagreements there is opportunity for growth. You can learn how to better communicate and empathize with others. You can challenge one another to learn new ways of showing love and appreciation.

But there may be times when some people are no longer worthy of your energy and time - and continuing relationships with those people will drain your soul, bit by bit.

As a human, it might be hard to know when it's time to let go of a relationship and when it's time to push through and fight for it. It's not always black and white, but there are some signs that it's time to cut someone out of your life for your overall well-being.

Here are 6 signs you need to cut someone out of your life:

1. It's a one-sided relationship.

You're always open to giving and helping, but never receive the same effort in return. They're constantly happy to take, but never willing to give. In fact, they totally drain you of all you have and don't seem to think twice about it.

In any relationship - friendship, romantic partnership, family dynamic, etc., - it's important that both people meet halfway. Without effort from both parties, the relationship quickly becomes one-sided and draining. If they aren't willing to meet you halfway, it's time to let them go from your life.

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2. They gossip - a lot.

They love to talk about other people. They love "juicy" stories and gossip, and often talk about others behind their backs. You may even wonder if they talk about you when you're not around.

And if they talk about everyone else? There's a good chance they're doing the same to you when you're not present.

Beyond being unsure of what they're saying about you, gossip is typically toxic.

It can be hurtful as rumors spread and is often not conducive to growth.

To expand into your highest self and surround yourself with strong, meaningful community, it's important to limit your contact with those who gossip.

3. You each hold different values.

You both see the world very differently and have extremely different values. Having different views and opinions can be fine and normal, but when values start to clash is when issues arise.

You want your inner circle and community to be composed of people who value the same things as you, so you can all push one another to grow and move forward to fulfil those life values.

4. They're unsupportive.

Rather than lift you up, encourage you, or push you to be the best version of yourself, they bring you down. They make you feel bad about yourself, your goals, or your achievements.

They don't show you any support in achieving the things that matter to you, even if you offer them support.

Surround yourself with people who support you and lift you up. You deserve that and nothing less.

5. You can't depend on them.

They're unreliable and you truly can't (and don't) depend on them.

If they say they're going to do something, you don't count on it. They don't follow through with their word or keep their promises. It's hard to believe anything they say.

They've let you down countless times and disappointed you by now showing up for you when they said they would.

If you're putting effort into a relationship and cannot depend on that person, it's time to step back and reflect on if you want to keep putting effort into them.

6. You don't trust them.

They gossip, so you don't feel comfortable confiding in them. They're unsupportive, so you don't trust them with your dreams or achievements.

They're not dependable, so you can't trust them to show up for you. You hold different values, so you don't trust their opinions or judgements.

Overall, you don't trust them. And that's ok. But do you want to keep a relationship in your life in which there is no trust?

Letting go.

Letting go of a relationship with someone can be so hard. Despite if you're letting go of a close friendship, work partnership, family member, or lover, it's often hard. And it's always for the best.

When you stop putting energy and effort into toxic people, you allow space in your life for deeper growth, deeper relationships, and other people who will meet you half-way.

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The Four Facial Traits That Make The Most Attractive People

Researchers keep on trying to unlock the million-dollar question: what makes a person the most beautiful? The media keeps on changing the women they show as most beautiful and we keep on changing our appearance and fashion in an attempt to keep up. But the question is, do we actually ever actually "feel" beautiful?"

Does it truly come down to a science, where certain traits deem a person most attractive or is beauty relative like they say? Let's find out!

The More Symmetry The Better

woman with hair wrapped in a headcsarf

Oladimeji Odunsi / Unsplash

​Many experimental studies have shown that men and women both prefer faces that are more symmetrical. They even came up with ratios and masks that can measure the level of symmetry in a face, and by extension its beauty. Even monkeys have been noticed gazing longer at symmetrical faces.

But why? Well, science doesn't seem to have gotten that far. It could have something to do with evolution and our brains tricking themselves into thinking that a symmetrical face must be a sign of good health. Maybe we associate good genes with the more successful development of a facial structure.

Having "Babyface" Features

woman leans with her elbow over bridge

Hans Mendoza / Unsplash

​The idea of the fountain of youth didn't come out of anywhere. There is a belief that people are at their most beautiful in the prime of their youth, where they've grown enough to have adult features, but haven't experienced enough to lose their innocence and be affected by the environment.

From this idea, came the "baby face", where large eyes, long lashes, a cute little nose, a small chin, plump lips, and rosy cheeks are desirable. These traits can either describe a baby or a supermodel but the idea is that they reflect feelings of warmth, trust and won't argue back.

The More Average, The More Relatable

people crossing the street in a big group

Jacek Dylag / Unsplash

People are actually attracted to faces that appear distinctly average. Yes, the more you look like the general population, the more attractive you can come off, which just seems ironic.

The reason some studies made this conclusion, is that teh more average a face is, the more they likely are to be a blend of genes A study, published in the journal Human Nature said that average faces might be a reflection of a more diverse set of genes, which we might subconsciously consider as stronger in fighting off illnesses.

Something About Getting Older

older man with beard and glasses

JJ Jordan / Unslpash

Maybe women seem more attractive with baby faces but forget about youth when it comes to women's attraction to men. Women might actually end up being more attracted to men who look older according to a study.

This idea is still evolving and has something to do with women finally having a place in the workforce. The more financially independent they become, the more they like older guys, according to the study. They even named this the "George Clooney Effect" which showed women that the more patient they are, the better their chances at finding a man has more status and resources due to being older.

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Familiar Faces Per Genetics

man holds up woman who smiles down at him

Joanna Nix-Walkup / Unsplash

Ask yourself how you feel when you meet someone who looks like someone else you love? You probably automatically take a liking to them just because they seem familiar, even if you've truly never met them before. You might even just trust them right away. In the same way, the more familiar a person might feel, the more we could be attracted to them.

Another study found that the faces we are attracted to are heavily influenced by our personal experiences in life, and probably nothing more. This theory says it's not because of genetics as even twins couldn't agree on who they found attractive. It just depends on who you meet and look at throughout your life and the experiences you associate with them.

Basically You Can't Win

redheaded woman on red background

Jordan Whitfield / Unsplash

Well, it turns out, even when you try to with science, you really can't define beauty. Some people are attracted to babyfaces, while some can't help but be drawn to older ones. Some people's brains attach symmetry with good health while others just want an average-looking face to continue their genes. So the message is, beauty is relative after all. I am beautiful and you are beautiful and everyone will be most attractive to someone.

Rather than focus on looks, focus on the person on the inside. You're here for a reason. This is your sign to get to know yourself better and unleash your potential.

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