8 Signs You May Suffer From Depression

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An estimated 350 million people are depressed. So don’t feel bad if you suspect that you are developing depression. There are many treatment options available if you want to pursue them.

Below are some indicators of depression. If you match some of the aspects listed below, seek out treatment.

The sooner you start addressing it the easier it will be to manage it.

If you have suicidal thoughts please reach out to someone. If you don’t have anyone to call this number 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Weight Fluctuations And Appetite Shifts

Your appetite is all over the place. You won’t eat for a while because you can’t stomach the idea of eating.

Then you’ll be starving and eat twice what a sane person would have eaten this late at night. You might start to lean towards a diet of sweets and

Substance Abuse

You may start turning to chemical and tonics that will ‘better’ your mood and outlook. They may work for a while but all of them lead the darker side of an already difficult path.

As your tolerance builds you need more and the sustained use starts to effect your health. Anytime you become dependent on a outside source for an internal problem, the outcome will leave you worse of than when you started.

Frequent And Extreme Feelings Of Sadness

We are talking feelings of loss, sadness and despair that last from days to months. They can be triggered by anything. When I say anything, I mean it.

A invitation to a birthday, not being able to open your locker, losing your keys, anything.

Insomnia Or Excessive Sleepiness

We don’t sleep for days due to anxiety, guilt or simply a racing mind. Or people sleep for days at a time. Even if we don’t sleep we spend more time in the bed than we should.

The sleep you get may be spotty: waking up often, restlessness and nightmares can occur.

Lost Interest

It’s very common for a person suffering from depression to ‘hide’ in a project or undertaking.

We let it consume us, as it distracts us from our fears and pain. But it doesn’t hold off depression permanently. we loose interest as quickly as we got it.

Even hobbies and interests we’ve held for a while, seem too much at times. I’ve ignored parties and invitations because I was too depressed to go.

Suicidal Thoughts

It’s straining, being depressed for such extended times. We get more tired and that makes us more depressed, which tires us more, and the cycle spins. It can be hard to see out of our predicament. Realize that you aren’t alone in your suicidal thoughts.

You aren’t weak or foolish for thinking about killing yourself.

Please remember how amazing and distinct you are! While it can be hard to imagine a better tomorrow, you never imagined life could get like this, right?

So don’t take the limitations of your imagination hold you back. You have to get through today to see tomorrow, so focus on the here and now.

Call this number if you don’t have anyone to talk to, 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Mental Haze

Depression clouds your mind up with negativity. you can’t think clearly. Everything you imagine seems dark and lopsided. You will be less productive at work and will have trouble keeping up the quality of your work.


You will experience intense and impenetrable fatigue. Energy drinks, sleep, social gatherings and pep talks do nothing to energize you.

You might be so tired you can’t sleep, which is a strange feeling in and of it’s self. Or you sleep all the time but it doesn’t give you anymore energy.

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