Signs Of High Emotional Intelligence To Look For In A Soulmate

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Some people are great at seeming mature and intelligent until it comes down to their emotions. While it’s one thing to be good at solving equations, controlling emotions is a whole other type of intelligence. A true test of someone’s emotional intelligence is not in how much they feel, but in how they react to it. We are all entitled to our feelings, but it’s what we do about it that makes the difference.

Here’s how to tell if they’re emotionally intelligent and worth keeping around.

They Show Deep Empathy

two hands reaching for each other

Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

One of the greatest signs of emotional intelligence is empathy. This means that your partner is able to read you and your moods without you needing to spell it out for them. They can pick up on your body language and change in demeanor so they don’t nag you when you’re just about to break.

This gift allows them to support you and uplift you when you’re down. Plus it prevents them from diminishing your feelings because even it’s not a big deal, they care about how it makes you feel.

They’re Not Afraid Of Confrontation

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Olya Kubreseva / Unsplash

Olya Kubreseva / Unsplash

An emotionally intelligent partner doesn’t resort to passive agressive behavior when they’re upset. They actually take the time to figure out what’s on their mind and process it. Then they come to you to talk it through.

This prevents them from holding in issues until they burst, which eliminates toxic blowup arguments. It opens the line for honest and open communication through which you can work together as a team, rather than against each other.

They View Challenges As Opportunities

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hamann La / Unsplash

hamann La / Unsplash

When faced with an obstacle, an emotionally intelligent person sees two options. They either can dwell on it, let it take over and grow into an even bigger issue, or, they can take it as an opportunity for change and growth.

One allows them to move forward and one holds them back, making the choice obvious. This kind of person is flexible and adaptable. They’re not afraid of change and they’re able to think outside the box.

They’re Not Easily Provoked

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Alex Mihai / Unsplash

Alex Mihai / Unsplash

Being emotionally intelligent doesn’t mean not having emotions, but means knowing how to control them. Although it’s easy to cave into a temper or be overwhelmed in reaction, an emotionally intelligent person takes their time to filter.

They aren’t easily provoked or hurt by insults. And when they do argue will try to get to the root of the problem instead of just trying to prove themselves as right.

They’re Good Listeners

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Blaz Erzetic / Unsplash

Blaz Erzetic / Unsplash

An emotionally intelligent person isn’t constantly trying to prove themselves and fit in. They don’t feel the need to talk your ear off about their accomplishments because they don’t seek approval from others. They understand they will never please everyone so the only person worth making happy is themselves.

This makes their relationships a lot more genuine. When they listen to you, they do it because they care and are actually interested in what you have to say. They absorb every word so they can give you their real opinion. Then they let you do with it what you will.

They’re Not Impulsive

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Alex Alvarez / Unsplash

Alex Alvarez / Unsplash

There’s a difference between impulsive and spontaneous. Emotionally intelligent people aren’t afraid to be vulnerable and take risks but they also take a second to weigh out their options first. They only take the risk if the rewards might be worth. They know where to draw the boundary when the consequences will be too heavy.

Being emotionally intelligent means having a good sense of balance. They pay attention, and they make their decisions accordingly.

They’re Always Thriving For More

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Brad Barmore / Unsplash

Brad Barmore / Unsplash

It’s not that they’re never satisfied with what they have, it’s that they’re constantly trying to grow. They’re aware of their potential and for their limited time to achieve it, so they’re trying to make the best of it. They’re always looking for ways to be kinder and wiser, and to be better partner in their relationships.

This means that they’re not only willing to listen to your wants and needs but they actually want to give them to you to the best of their ability.

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