Signs Of Psychic Ability Could Be Hidden In Your Birth Chart

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When it comes to human beings and our wide variety of potential talents, some believe we’re naturally born with a strict set of talents we must discover, while others believe any skill can be learned with enough dedication and practice.

I’m of the belief that both are true. If you want to master something, you can do it if you commit, but there are also some things we’re born with a natural knack for. Some of these hidden talents can be revealed by looking to the stars and examining our unique birth charts.

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Looking Deeper

If you’re already a follower of astrology, you know just how much one’s chart can reveal about their personality, desires, and destiny.

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There’s a lot to learn on the surface alone, as looking at someone’s Sun, Moon, and Ascending sign is often enough to pick apart much of who they are, but the deeper you go, the more you can learn about what life has in store for them.

Examining the details of one’s placements can even reveal latent talents they might not have known they had.

Some Psychic Skill

One of the secret skills that can be revealed by a full examination of someone’s chart is psychic ability. That’s right, certain placements can heavily suggest that someone might have some naturally-born psychic talents that, once revealed, they can hone and turn into a real skill.

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Unlocking one’s psychic abilities, should you have them, is a unique experience requiring much trial and error. A chart reading might even be able to tell you how your powers would best manifest, but that’s a later concern. First, let’s see if you have psychic power within you at all.

In order to do so, you’ll have to learn about some more complex placements on the astrological wheel.

What To Look For

When it comes to planets and their placement on someone’s chart, it’s all measured in degrees, from 1 to 360, to make the full circle. Some planets and other bodies can have unique relationships with others based on how far apart they’re placed.

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Here are a few we’ll be looking at today:

Sextiles: Two planets are 60 degrees, or two signs, apart.

Conjunct: Two planets are so close, often under the same sign, that their energies merge together.

Quincunx: Two planets are 150 degrees, or five signs, apart.

Using this knowledge, let’s see what placements indicate a hidden knack for fortune-telling.

Mercury Conjunct Neptune

If Mercury conjuncts Neptune in your chart, you might find that you’re very sensitive to nuance, always wanting to examine situations before you in the most detail possible as you feel it’s unfair otherwise. Unfortunately, this lets your imagination run amok, and careful observations of these nuances turn into assumptions you believe as fact.

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This is often your intuition bubbling up, and while you’re right about these assumptions sometimes, it’s not often enough (yet) that you should be basing decisions on them. Still, it’s a sign that something is there, and with practice, this can become an amazing skill.

Moon Sextile Neptune

Someone whose moon placement sextiles Neptune is a social butterfly but a gentle one. You love to surround yourself with loving, sensitive souls, fostering an encouraging environment that aims to create a refuge of peace, separate from the stressful bustle of daily life.

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You and your company love the arts and spiritualism or are at least able to discuss those topics intellectually, and you find that you’re in tune with their emotional worlds, alongside all the depth they may carry. With practice, you’d be able to peer behind the emotional curtain of anyone you meet instinctually, which is very useful for psychic practices.

Mercury Sextile Neptune

Now, if Mercury sextiles Neptune, you use this enhanced imagination and apply it to the arts. You love to write, even if all you’re writing are accounts of your day. Flowery language comes naturally to you while not feeling forced, meaning others love to listen to you speak as you weave even the most mundane stories in expert ways.

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You’re also incredibly open to all of life’s experiences, energies, and cosmic forces. Not enough so that you’re easily swayed by darkness, but just enough that you’re constantly letting light in, meaning you could easily develop some intuitive talents.

Sun Quincunx Neptune

If our great Sun quincunxes Neptune in your chart, you have a very young soul. You’re excited, and physically very open, but sometimes overpowered by more domineering personalities. Despite sometimes being hypersensitive to the world around you, you don’t let that keep you down, even when you face challenges because of it.

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You’re more affected by the ugliness the world often displays and find yourself deeply affected by any injustice you see. Your belief in a better world is often perceived as naive, but that only motivates you further to keep striving for it.

Uranus Sextile Neptune

Those with Uranus sextiling Neptune in their charts may be naturally drawn to stories of psychic experiences. This goes for any ‘supernatural’ occurrences, really. Astral projection, ghost stories, life after death or near-death experiences, anything that involves viewing into a different plane of reality really piques your interest.

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You simply find other means of existence fascinating, and happily believe that there’s more out there for the human population to experience, if only everyone were as willing to expand their minds enough to reach other realms. Thankfully, you also tend to attract others of the same mind, so you’re not alone in your wishes for humanity.

Neptune Conjunct Midheaven

Lastly, we have Neptune conjunct Midheaven.

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Midheaven isn’t a planet, nor is it really a celestial body, but it still gets its own placement on the astrological wheel. Instead, it represents the highest point in the horizon that any planet can reach.

Your Neptune being in conjunct with Midheaven means that you’re likely already very in tune with the metaphysical world, perhaps having already partaken in many spiritual practices or are an active astrological worker. This knowledge affects you drive and ambition, as your natural intuitiveness lends you a lot of advice when planning for the future.

You’re wildly creative and think no vision is too grand. You have masterful visualization abilities and are a natural emotional healer. Your connection to the spiritual side of things means you could adopt psychic abilities easily!

Neptune’s Power

You may have noticed that all of these planets involve the planet Neptune, the planetary ruler of the mystical realm. Whether or not your chart contains any of these placements, centering your practices around Neptune’s transits can all help you become more in tune with your spiritual journey and what it’s drawing out of you.

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Being able to see the world through a more intuitive lens is a beautiful gift, but one that can quickly become burdensome if you let it overpower you. To those with these placements or who are choosing to evoke Neptune in their spiritual work, make sure you make frequent checks on your mental well-being.

Such a wonderful talent, whether natural or learned, is not worth squandering because your expanding mind took on too much too fast.

If you want to find out if you have any of these psychically-driven placements, then you’ll need your own zodiac reading. We’re each on our own unique path, but learning about yours ahead of time can put you on the road to success.

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