Signs That Confirm That Everything You’ve Been Manifesting Is Coming

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Sometimes when life isn’t going in the direction that we want it to, we blame the misfortune on the universe or bad luck. The truth is, it’s us that create and control our own destiny! The law of attraction is real, and the things that we focus on and believe in, we will receive.

It’s only when we choose to believe that we deserve our dream job, a healthy love, and true happiness that we will start to notice its possibility in our lives. If you’ve been manifesting great changes, here are some signs that they’ll be arriving shortly:

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Dreams are powerful signals that reflect our inner and outer worlds. When we sleep, our spirit guides can tap into our minds to send us messages. While dreams are often overlooked as figments of our imaginations, they’re usually messages about our manifestations.

A man sleeping on his back in an open field.
Pixabay / Pexels
Pixabay / Pexels

When you dream about something you’ve been wishing for, it’s a confirmation that the universe has received your request and is working on bringing it to your life. Having a dream journal and logging the patterns and symbols that show up in your dreams is a good way to understand what your angels are telling you.