True Friends

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You are going to meet a lot of people in the span of your life. Trying to sift through all these people and to find people you easily vibe with is a task that can take a lifetime. It isn’t enough to simply share a vibration wavelength with someone.

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As you develop as a more accepting and open-minded character you will notice the bonds and connections that tie us all together in the human experience.

This knowledge will lead you to seek out certain traits particular to you. Here is a handy list of characteristics that every ‘true’ friend will exhibit.

1. They Stick With You No Matter What

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Envato / peus80
Envato / peus80

Through thick and then, your friend can be trusted to be by your side. Life comes with hang ups, let downs and trials.

These are necessary for growth and development. If someone only is with you during the ‘pleasant’ periods of your life they will have a limited view and understanding of you.

Someone who sticks with you through the good and bad will not only see more sides of you but have the opportunity to grow with you.

If the people who are closest to you, can not or will not grow with you then as you grow, you will grow apart from them.