6 signs you’re in a relationship with the wrong person

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Finding the right person to be with can be difficult. It’s often a long, drawn-out process that really only works through trial and error. This means that the only way to find out if it’s a mistake, is to go ahead and make it. It may not seem like the most logical option, but it is certainly effective.

The early weeks or months of a relationship can also be confusing. We’re basically buzzing from the happiness chemicals that our brains release at this time, high on the honeymoon phase, if you will.

Any relationship can get by on this phenomenon for a brief period, but eventually the infatuation will fade and if there isn’t more substantial connection there, things can go south quickly.

If you find yourself in a relationship and you notice these 6 things happening, you may need to accept that this just isn’t the right person for you, and move on.

1. You feel annoyance and resentment for them.

Partners have little fights and get bothered with each other sometimes in any relationship, but you’ve started to get exceedingly annoyed or frustrated with your partner for small things that never came up before.

When you find yourself getting angry or feeling resentful toward them for things they can’t even help, tiny personal habits or things entirely outside of their control, you need to consider that this relationship just isn’t going to work.

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