7 Signs You’re A Healer Without Even Knowing

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Being a healer is a big responsibility. It’s a calling to serve a higher purpose. There is a deep human need for emotional balance, being spiritually connected, having a healthy mind, and looking for a purpose. However, the more time goes by, the more the human race strays away from its purpose. We are clouded by distractions and bounded by the limitations of the same world we have created.

Healers can help others remember the ways of our ancestors that we have since neglected. Healers have a natural ability to restore balance and ignite a light in others. Here are the signs that you might be one of them.

You Know That You Are Meant For Something Bigger

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Cristian Escobar / Unsplash

Cristian Escobar / Unsplash

You’ve always had a hard time being satisfied with what you already had, except it wasn’t coming from a place of lack. Rather, you felt a pull towards something bigger. You are being called to engage and encourage a global shift in consciousness.

You are attracted to leadership roles and careers that have an impact directly on people rather than simply generate money for a corporation. You’re not driven by greed but have a genuine desire to spend your time helping others.