5 Meaningful Ways To Boost Our Karma

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Karma is the gift that keeps on giving and especially to those who like to be negative compared to others who like remain positive.

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It’s a pretty universal understanding that whatever kind of energy you put out into the universe is destined to come back to you ten fold.

So that means the more you release negative energy out into the world, the more negative energy is going to circle back to you and basically ruin your life.

So, in order for us to keep our good karma high, we can resort to trying these five meaningful methods to boost it.

1. Practice Mindfulness

Someone meditating on a beach.
Unsplash / Chelsea Gates
Unsplash / Chelsea Gates

It is important that all of us learn how to be mindful towards others.

Not everyone has the same luxuries or privileges as each other so it is good to keep in mind just how hard things may be for them right now.

Kindness is one of the best methods that you could practice in order to achieving some of the best karma to circle back to you.

Being passionate about others is also a good way for you to practice being mindful towards others.