Single Dad Adopts 13 Year-Old Boy Who Was Abandoned at Hospital For 2 Years

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Can you imagine being 11 years old, being taken to the hospital by your parents, the two people you trust and depend on most, and then never seeing them again just like that? That’s what happened to Tony. For two years he waited for them to return all alone.

He had no idea that his whole other new life was waiting for him, along with a new family, new success, and even a new purpose. Here’s how one single man was able to completely change both of their lives when he took on a huge risk…

The Boys Parents Left And Never Returned

tony's 13th birthday with cake a card and drink

fosterdadflipper / Instagram

fosterdadflipper / Instagram

Tony was already adopted and when he was 11 he remembers going to the hospital with them. Except his adopted parents left him at the hospital and never went back for him.

His foster care worker Jessica Ward told the story of how he would ask if his parents would ever come back to get to him and she would have to say no. Tony simply couldn’t understand that, he had no idea why they would leave him like that.