Single Dad Adopts 13 Year-Old Boy Who Was Abandoned at Hospital For 2 Years

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Can you imagine being 11 years old, being taken to the hospital by your parents, the two people you trust and depend on most, and then never seeing them again just like that? That’s what happened to Tony. For two years he waited for them to return all alone.

He had no idea that his whole other new life was waiting for him, along with a new family, new success, and even a new purpose. Here’s how one single man was able to completely change both of their lives when he took on a huge risk…

The Boys Parents Left And Never Returned

tony's 13th birthday with cake a card and drink

fosterdadflipper / Instagram

fosterdadflipper / Instagram

Tony was already adopted and when he was 11 he remembers going to the hospital with them. Except his adopted parents left him at the hospital and never went back for him.

His foster care worker Jessica Ward told the story of how he would ask if his parents would ever come back to get to him and she would have to say no. Tony simply couldn’t understand that, he had no idea why they would leave him like that.

A Man Was Asked If He Could Foster Him

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fosterdadflipper / Instagram

fosterdadflipper / Instagram

On Jan. 16, 2018, Peter Muatbazi received a call from the Ward asking if he could take Tony for the weekend. Peter already had some experience as a foster parent. He had been doing it for three years.

He thought that Tony would be staying with him for just two days while his situation got sorted out. What they both didn’t expect was that Tony would actually never be leaving again. Soon enough Peter would become the father Tony never yet had.

But Then They Couldn’t Let Go Of Each Other

tony hugs peter from the side as they stand in restaurant and smile

fosterdadflipper / Instagram

fosterdadflipper / Instagram

You could say that Tony and Peter instantly shared a connection. Peter felt heartbroken by Tony’s story and couldn’t provide him with any answers that could ease the boy’s mind.

He told Good America that when he learned Tony’s story, he was crying. He couldn’t believe either that his parents would abandon such a smart child just like that. Peter said, “once I knew the parents’ rights were signed off and he had nowhere to go, I [knew] I had to take him.” Tony and Peter have been inseparable ever since.

They Share A Common Dark Path

peter and son lay down and read a book

fosterdadflipper / Instagram

fosterdadflipper / Instagram

The connection Peter and Tony shared ran deeper than the bond they formed. They had such a common past that could easily relate to one another. Peter grew up in Uganda but he didn’t come from a good home. His home was abusive so he ran away when he was just 10 years old, right around the same age that Tony was abandoned.

Luckily, Peter found a parent figure who got through school. Looking back on his experience he remembers that figure fondly: “They became my sponsor, my family. I grew up the poor of the poorest people on the planet,” Mutabazi said. “I grew up where no one told me to dream, that there was no future for me.”

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They Give Each Other Hope

​​peter and son on adoption day in suitsf

osterdadflipper / Instagram

osterdadflipper / Instagram

Thanks to his found guardian, Peter managed to move to the United States and got a job working with the nonprofit organization World Vision United States to help other kids living in vulnerable areas. Plus he has fostered 12 children. He not only gives Tony hope but the rest of the world, that anyone can overcome anything with a kind heart and motivation.

He knew that Tony could grow up to have the same opportunity he had if someone took a chance on him. He felt that he should become his legal father. “I had the room, the resources, so I had no reason to let him go… For what someone did for me I wanted to do something for someone else.” Together they were able to work through the trauma they experienced as children and see that good can come out of even the worst situations.

They Look Forward To Starting Their Own Family

Tony and Peter’s journey doesn’t end here. After he was officially adopted they officially became a family. Peter recalls that Tony always naturally always called him “dad.” “He’s the nicest, smartest kid I’ve ever had,” Peter told Good Morning America “From day one, he’s always called me ‘dad.’ He truly meant it and he looks up to me.”

Together they love watching movies, playing board games, reading books, and bicycling together. They also want to grow their family. They’re welcoming more foster children into their homes because they believe that every child matters and deserves to be “ seen, heard, and known” even if they don’t look the same.

Are You Still Searching For Your Purpose?

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osterdadflipper / Instagram

osterdadflipper / Instagram

Adoption is a difficult process and may not be for everyone but the gift of kindness and caring is available to each one of us. Peter believes: “My kids and I don’t look the same but we match in our love for one another. I am glad to be a father my teens will learn from but I know how much they will teach me along the way too.”

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