Single Dad Adopts Six Disabled Children And Reminds Us That A Parent Is “So Much More Than Biology”

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They say that there is no love like a parent’s. This is the kind of love that is most unconditional and selfless. What we forget to mention is that this kind of love isn’t reserved to only those who share biological ties with their parents, but to adopted children with loving parents as well.

This was recently shown by a selfless single man who adopted his sixth child after devoting his life to helping children in need. He adopted his first child when he was just 21 years old, showing that you’re never too young to showcase your capacity for love and kindness.

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A Calling From A Young Age

Ben and all his children on his lap on the couch

Cater News Via Daily Mail

Cater News Via Daily Mail

Ben was only 21 years old when he began his journey as a father. At the time, he felt a calling to adopt a young boy named Jack, who struggled with autism. This didn’t scare Ben away, but he instead embraced it and felt the need to help the little boy.

From then Ben would go to adopt five more children with a disability and he wouldn’t even stop there. Ben is willing to welcome more children into his home as long as he can support them and give that the attention that they require and deserve.