7 Reasons Being Single Is The Best Thing That Can Happen To You

Dating and relationships are fantastic adventures all by themselves, but there seems to be a societal pressure to not be single. There's nothing wrong with either option.

In both situations you will grow and connect. That being said, you have more freedom and options when your single.

Friendships Are Strengthened

Without the support of your significant other, you seek out aid and comfort through other means. Your friends are natural options for helping you when you need it. All your friends aren't around all the time or great at every single thing. As a result you have to call on different pals at different times and about different topics.

There Is Space And Time To Get To Know Yourself

Understanding and appreciating yourself is a crucial marker in your development. It's easier to do this while you are single. It frees up a lot of your time and makes sure there isn't someone always trying to pry into your thoughts and motives.

You Are Free To Be Totally Selfish

Being part of a team is great and all but it's so invigorating to only have to worry about you! When you're single, your life is so much simpler and easy-going. You can pursue what ever you want. Time spent single is best on you; exploring desires, testing boundaries, seeking gratification or broadening perspective.

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