A Sister Is More Than Family

9 Reasons Your Sister Is The Greatest Gift Your Parents Ever Gave You

1. They help build your character.

Big sisters can be a gift, but they can also be real jerks. There are plenty of character building moments when she turns her back on you to be with her friends or intentionally doesn't find you during a game of forced hide and seek. You learn a lot that way.

2. They can have real conversations with you.

It's hard sometimes to have real conversations with your parents and younger siblings and your friends might not always fully understand.

That's where a big sister comes in handy!

3. She taught your parents a lot.

She broke in your parents for you. They made all the big mistakes on her and now know what they're doing for you. Nice, huh?

4. You can vent to her.

You can't really irrationally vent at your friends; they won't be your friends for much longer. Your sister will forgive you and love you, even if you did unload on her for no reason.

5. She was happy to drive you around before you got your license.

Nice, huh?

6. She's great to copy.

Your big sister is a great person to copy.

She's done it all already and knows what to do in high school, in her first job, in her first relationship, etc. Copy her and you'll do fine.

7. She always has your back.

And you always have her back too. That can be said for just about any sibling pair though.

8. She's your guru.

She gives great advice because she's done it all already. Plus being in the same family, you handle things pretty similarly and she cares what happens to you.

9. She helped you learn all the grown up stuff.

Grown up stuff can be pretty tedious from time to time. Fortunately, you have a big sister who can help you through it all.

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