The Way You Sit Can Reveal Secrets About Your Personality

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Verbal language isn’t the only way humans communicate. Body language is almost equally as important as the words we use to express how we feel. This is why the movements we make with our bodies is appropriately described as a language all on its own.

Body language can tell you whether or not someone is telling the truth, how comfortable they are in a particular setting, or how interested they are during an activity or conversation.However, body language doesn’t just mean hand gestures or facial expressions; body language also applies to posture. The way a person is sitting can tell you a lot about who they are and what their personality is like.

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In order to help you understand just how much posture matters in terms of body language, take a look at these positions labeled A through E.

Position A

Position A

This position shows you the person seated is creative, charismatic, and lighthearted. They are known for speaking before thinking about their words first, and are generally happy most of the time.

Although they can be extremely interesting and the opposite of boring, they have trouble facing serious issues in their lives.

Position B

The crossed-legged sitters are typical dreamers. They have creative and innovative ideas that force anyone listening to think from a different perspective.

Their power of imagination is immense, and they tend to get restless when they’ve lingered in a place, job, or relationship for too long.

Their intriguing nature attracts all kinds of people, and they always have plenty of friends.

Position C

These people are messy, chaotic, and easily distracted. From the outside looking in, their lives seem out of control, but they find solace in their chaos.

They don’t worry about what other people think, especially when it comes to their appearance.

They choose functionality over trendiness every time, and they enjoy being comfortable.

Position D

These people are intelligent. However, they also have a hard time facing conflicts head on; they’d rather keep their feelings on the inside rather than start a fight.

This position also shows neatness and openness when it comes to relationships.

Although they tend to avoid conflict when possible, they won’t be afraid to confront someone in the face of wrongdoing.

Position E

This type of seated position indicates a person who believes all things have a right time and place. They are very goal oriented, and they believe in shooting for the stars when it comes to their careers and futures.

Education is highly valued by these people and they will work hard to make sure it’s in order.

They take the time to make great first impressions, which means dressing nicely and working on their appearance. These people also have a hard time take criticism.

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