Six Pieces Of Advice Designed To Reunite You With Your Twin Flame

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When two twin flames come together, the love they experience can feel intense, overwhelming, and life-changing. Suddenly two souls who had been doing just fine can’t seem to live without one another. Some kind of invisible string keeps pulling them together with no matter how hard they fight it. Their fast and quickly growing connection is wild.

It’s intense in every aspect, including the lows. It’s meant to teach both of these souls essential lessons so that even if they are not meant to be together forever, they come out of the relationship closer then ever to the person they are meant to be. It forces their transformation, and remolds them entirely. No matter how hard the goodbye might be, twin flame connections are always worth it. If you’re wondering if you’ve already experienced yours, or what to look for, here is what you need to be aware of.

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Be In-tune With Your True Intentions

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Benjamin Child / Unsplash

Benjamin Child / Unsplash

With a connection as intense as this one, it’s easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment. You both might make promises to each other that you can’t keep or say hurtful things when fighting because the fear of losing them causes a pain that’s really deep. However, in order to make the most of this connection, you need to be true to your intentions and ask yourself what you need out of them.

Take the time to think about what you think would make your ideal partner. Then figure out whether you’re projecting that vision onto them and trying to change rather than love them for who they are at their core, and whether who they really are is actually even a good fit for you.

Be Aware Of Your Triggers

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Road Trip with Raj / Unsplash

Road Trip with Raj / Unsplash

There’s no denying that we all carry our own baggage. We’ve had bad experiences over time that have subconsciously created triggers within us, and sometimes we don’t even realize when they’ve been activated. We might get angry at something that shouldn’t have bothered us, or we need more validation because we’re used to disappointment.

Being mindful of these triggers allows us to gain control over them. It may not be always possible to get rid of them completely but this way, when you’re triggered, you will understand why and can explain that to your partner. It will deepen your connection and understanding of another to create a more fulfilling and healthier relationship.

Establish Open And Honest Communication

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SHVETS production / Unsplash

SHVETS production / Unsplash

It can be confusing when this kind of connection starts off naturally and intensely then all of a sudden, the couple experiences some drama and dysfunction. This can feel quite confusing and make the couple wonder if it was just in their heads, and if they jumped into something too fast but it was too good to be true.

However, rather than wonder, twin flames should have an open and honest line of communication where they can bring up their concerns and vulnerabilities and actually address and confront them without turning them into fights. Having weekly check-ins is a great strategy to make sure you’re both on the same page rather than let issues get piled up over time.

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See Through Their Eyes

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Bacila Vlad / Unsplash

Bacila Vlad / Unsplash

To best way to understand your partner is to see through their eyes. While it’s impossible to become their mind reader, the more you learn to empathize with them, the easier it will be to understand their motives, respect their boundaries and reciprocate their love language. Ask your partner the hard questions. Figure out what makes them who they are. That means knowing as much of what makes them excited as it is about what hurts them the most.

While you shouldn’t justify toxic behavior for your partner, empathizing will give you leverage in knowing when to give and when to back down. Relationships are all about compromise and the more you empathize the more you can speak their love language and know how much to give.

Break Cycles With Lessons

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Alex Green / Unsplash

Alex Green / Unsplash

​Rather than allow for fights and misunderstandings to become a dark cloud looming over your relationship, let them be lessons. Take every low moment as an opportunity to do better. Couples who share an intense connection tend to get caught up in a toxic cycle where fights get brushed under the rug because the couple is eager to move on and go back to being happy again. Except without taking the time to learn from them, they get worse over time and are blown out of proportion.

Over time, they become too intertwined and complicated to know how to deal with and the relationship fails. Break the cycle by avoiding repetition. Take the time to find the root and replant the seed to grow a healthy flower, rather than let the weeds grow.

Forgive, But Don’t Forget

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Anastasia Shuraeva / Unsplash

Anastasia Shuraeva / Unsplash

​While you shouldn’t hold grudges against your partner, or blackmail them with fights that you have moved forward them, forgiving them, doesn’t mean forgetting everything. You can’t turn a blind eye to the red flags. Part of reuniting with your twin flame is knowing when to walk away from false twin flames.

You will experience many relationships disguised as twin flames because they feel just as intense and powerful, but they are only meant to teach you the lessons you need to equip you to make it work with your true twin flame. A twin flame has a desire to grow and doesn’t make excuses, to the point of prioritizing growth over being in a relationship

The More You Develop Self- Awareness, The Closer You Will be

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Mart Productions / Unsplash

Mart Productions / Unsplash

In any relationship, always look at how you feel and ask yourself: does this person make you love yourself more? Do you want to grow old with them?

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