6 Things You Need To Know If Your Partner Is An Overthinker

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Over-thinking is one of our many blessings in disguise, however, it can also prove to be a curse more often than not. Most of the time over-thinkers can never sleep since their brains are constantly in motion.

Always analyzing and deciphering their day, wondering how they could’ve done things differently or thinking about what they could’ve been doing instead. It’s important to know how to handle dating an over-thinker, and here’s six things you should know when you do!

1. Can Always Talk To Them About A Problem

You do not have to worry if you feel like you can or can’t come to them with a problem, they will always listen to what you have to say, be it a big problem or small.

Over-thinkers have a very thorough thought process when it comes to problem solving and they love a good challenge when it comes their way. So the next time you feel as if something is weighing you down, go ahead and let them know!