6 Things You Need To Know If Your Partner Is An Overthinker

2. Saying Sorry Is A Really Big Deal

When an over-thinker says sorry, it's a pretty big deal to them and they treat it that way as well. If they say sorry to you for something that they truly think they needed to confront you and tell you personally, then you must accept their apology.

Just remember that they have thought it over more times than they can count and they sincerely mean sorry when they say it to you. They do not like being filled with regret for hurting your feelings or making you sad in anyway possible.

3. Try A Different Approach To First Dates

Over-thinkers hate it when they feel like they are being interviewed, they are already thinking of a million questions as it is, they would really much rather prefer that you go somewhere stimulating that won't make them think too hard about the date itself.

They want to enjoy their time with you but at the same time want to enjoy your presence enough to make them comfortable speaking with you about the things on their mind. They are quite the interesting beings to fall in love with, but they sure are something else!

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