6 Things You Need To Know If Your Partner Is An Overthinker

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Over-thinking is one of our many blessings in disguise, however, it can also prove to be a curse more often than not. Most of the time over-thinkers can never sleep since their brains are constantly in motion.

Always analyzing and deciphering their day, wondering how they could’ve done things differently or thinking about what they could’ve been doing instead. It’s important to know how to handle dating an over-thinker, and here’s six things you should know when you do!

1. Can Always Talk To Them About A Problem

You do not have to worry if you feel like you can or can’t come to them with a problem, they will always listen to what you have to say, be it a big problem or small.

Over-thinkers have a very thorough thought process when it comes to problem solving and they love a good challenge when it comes their way. So the next time you feel as if something is weighing you down, go ahead and let them know!

2. Saying Sorry Is A Really Big Deal

When an over-thinker says sorry, it’s a pretty big deal to them and they treat it that way as well. If they say sorry to you for something that they truly think they needed to confront you and tell you personally, then you must accept their apology.

Just remember that they have thought it over more times than they can count and they sincerely mean sorry when they say it to you. They do not like being filled with regret for hurting your feelings or making you sad in anyway possible.

3. Try A Different Approach To First Dates

Over-thinkers hate it when they feel like they are being interviewed, they are already thinking of a million questions as it is, they would really much rather prefer that you go somewhere stimulating that won’t make them think too hard about the date itself.

They want to enjoy their time with you but at the same time want to enjoy your presence enough to make them comfortable speaking with you about the things on their mind. They are quite the interesting beings to fall in love with, but they sure are something else!

4. Do Not Mistake Them For Control Freaks

Over-thinkers are not control freaks, they are simply just thinking about everything all of the time which means that they are going to act on some of those thoughts which may seem like they are trying to be controlling.

This is never the case. Over-thinkers just like to make sure that they test all of their points of view before they officially conclude their thoughts on something. It’s best that you play along with their thoughts just so that they can make sure that everything is as it should be.

5. Please Decide Where You Both Should Eat

Over-thinkers hate deciding on a place to go eat. They prefer it if you make the decision just so they do not overheat their minds trying to decide what kind of food they want to have for dinner.

If you start listing off places in hopes that they will decide on the spot, they will give you all of the ups and downs of literally everything that is the restaurant.

So please, if you would be so kind to them and decide on a place. They really don’t care for the destination they just don’t want to overthink it.

6. Say Exactly What You Mean

It is important to mean what you say and say what you mean to an over-thinker. Otherwise, you will soon begin to realize that they will take everything that you say and hold it deep within their heads until they are ready to confront you about it.

Be mindful of them, understand that they are thinking of every single word that you say to them and are dissecting it down to the last detail. They will not let whatever you say go, it will stay in their heads until you tell them otherwise.

Hopefully this has helped you with dating an over-thinker! Just keep these things in mind and tell them that you are happy to be spending your time with them.

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