Skipping Rocks On This Frozen Lake Makes The “Coolest Sound Ever” (Video)

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I will admit, this is pretty awesome. Cory Williams found a frozen lake in Alaska and was pretty excited about checking it out. But then he tried skipping a rock across it, and the cool sounds start. Check out the video starting at the four minute mark.

I gotta say, I’ve never heard a sound that made me fart with joy before, but Cory certainly seems pretty stoked.

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You might think it’s fake, but plenty of locals confirm hearing sounds like these before. According to Cottage Life, “Underneath the ice the water isn’t solid. Ice vibrates up and down, similar to a drumhead or cymbal vibrating after being struck.” That pretty well explains the sound.

“Different ice produces different sounds: A high-pitched noise when your rock hits the lake likely means you have ‘clear’ ice. This is the glassy, see-through ice that’s formed under cold, still, non-snowy conditions. ‘Snow’ ice—the opaque ice that forms after snow falls on the surface of the lake, becomes saturated with water, and then freezes—produces a lower-frequency sound, because fine grains in the ice absorb some of the noise.”