5 Signs You Are A Slave To The System (And How To Free Yourself)

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You pay for cable.

This is something that just kills me. People complain about how the media companies are all owned by the same corporations and how unfair and biased everything is, but they still pay that $60 or more a month for cable. Come on folks, cancel the cable subscription. Kill your TV.

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You vote on party lines.

I don’t believe in not voting. Not voting is exactly what our corporate, fascist overlords want, and no, it doesn’t send any kind of statement at all. Nobody cares that you didn’t vote. People care how you vote. And voting on party lines is idiotic. I have news for you: both major political parties are right-wing, fascist, corporate owned parties.

Think the Democrats are liberal? Try visiting Europe. I’m not saying don’t vote Democrat or don’t vote Republican or vote only third party. What I am saying is vote with your BRAIN, not your heart. But for Christ’s sake, get out there and f*cking vote. Especially you younger folks.

You’re a blind consumer.

Buying stuff doesn’t make you happy. It just makes things worse. Eventually, the things you own own you. Happiness comes from within, not from your big screen TV.

You thoughtlessly follow religions/beliefs.

I’m not saying don’t have beliefs. Have ’em. Knock yourself out. But when you support Christianity because that’s what your mom and dad taught you, or you blindly favor science because that’s what Neil deGrasse Tyson taught you, or you worship crystals because that’s what the Pleidian aliens taught you that one time you were on DMT, you’re a slave. A slave to all of it. Think critically.

You do drugs.

Smoking pot all the time is not “doing drugs.” Unwinding from a long day with a beer or four is not “doing drugs.” I’m talking about the heavy, run from your life sh*t. The pharmaceuticals, the research chemicals, the opioids – all it does is dull you down and make you easier to control.

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