5 Reasons You NEED To Sleep Naked Every Night

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A lot of people like sleeping in their pajamas. Pajamas are the various different pieces of clothing we wear when we go to bed, and they can range from oversized shirts that cover your knees to elaborately matching silk pants and button down shirts.

But have you ever thought about ditching your pajamas in favor of your birthday suit?

I never used to sleep naked until about three or four years ago when I tried it and decided it was actually pretty awesome.

While I usually wear just my underwear when sleeping, every now and then I’ll go full commando, which makes me part of the 8 percent of Americans who go to bed in the buff.

Here are five reasons you should sleep naked!

You’ll likely sleep better

If you haven’t learned this yet, most humans get their absolute best sleep when they’re in a cool environment.

As you can imagine, throwing on extra layers of clothing and then getting under a comforter or sheets is only going to make you hotter. When we’re warmer than we should be, the body has trouble recognizing that it’s time for bed.

Your body gets to breathe

For many developed societies, wearing clothes that cover most of our body has become a norm.

Depending on where we live, rarely do we spend a day without donning some sort of apparel. The constant wearing of clothing makes it harder for our bodies to naturally “air out,” for lack of a better phrase.

Women in particular need to do this regularly, as wearing underwear when sleeping can trap bacteria and yeast. Sleeping naked helps prevent yeast infections, while also letting your body exist in its natural state.

You can reduce stress

While it’s widely accepted that intimacy and physical contact can have dramatic improvements on your mental and emotional health, sleeping naked is another piece to this puzzle.

When we sleep naked next to our partners, the skin-on-skin contact practically melts stress away. It’s been seen to help reduce blood pressure, as well as increase happiness levels.

You and your partner will become closer

A survey of 1,000 married British folks, conducted back in 2014, found that people who slept naked were typically happier than those who do not.

About 57 percent of people sleeping naked said they were satisfied with their relationships, compared to only 48 percent of people who slept in pajamas and said the same.

Going through a rough patch with your partner? Convince them to sleep naked with you.

When we decide to sleep naked, it can help us lose weight

When we’re not sleeping our best, we’re increasing the amount of stress hormone in the body, and subsequently, we’re eating more junk food and things that are not healthy for us.

A poor night’s rest has been found to disrupt body’s natural chemistry, which can lead to an imbalance between growth hormone and stress hormone.

Simply put: getting a good night’s rest as often as you can will help you lose weight and eat healthier.

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