I Like To Smile At People Who Don't Like Me

5 Effective Comebacks For Dealing With Rude People

Nobody likes coming across rude people, but unfortunately it happens to all of us sometimes. There's no way of completely escaping situations with rude folks, but these 5 ways of dealing will make them a little easier on you.

1. Make them feel like you understand their perspective

When a person is being rude to you, the last thing they expect is to have that rudeness met with a positive or understanding response.

Telling them that you can appreciate their point of view (even if it isn't the same as your own) will disarm them and clear the tension in the air.

2. Thank them

Give your best smile and in a positive tone say "thank you".

Doing this will show that you are essentially capable of being the bigger person by not engaging in petty behavior or nasty remarks.

It's also a good way to subtly acknowledge the contrast between their own rudeness and your gracious response.

3. Agree with them

Just because they're stating things in a negative, rude way doesn't mean they don't also have a point. If someone is telling you something rudely, agree with their complaint.

Tell them they're right and it will almost always give them pause.

They aren't expecting agreement or acknowledgment and it can often change the tone of the entire exchange when it happens.

4. Stop the conversation in it's tracks

Don't be afraid to simply end the conversation. If you know things are headed in a negative direction, you have every right to tell a rude person that you're done talking.

Take control of the situation and end it when you decide it's over.

5. Laugh it off

Because sometimes laughing is all you can do in the face of ridiculous rudeness.

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