THIS Is What Happens When Trump, Clinton, And Stein Voters Smoke Weed Together

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Cut, the creator of “Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time,” recently attempted to show America that political differences are only skin-deep.

The YouTube producers made their new video in the hopes of inspiring voters from different political backgrounds to discuss their disagreements in a civilized, unifying manner.

Bringing together three voters — a Hillary Clinton supporter, a President-elect Donald Trump supporter, and a Green Party candidate Jill Stein supporter — Cut asked them to smoke weed together, giving them an opportunity to talk about their differences and what they have in common.

At first, participants discussed their backgrounds and why they voted for each candidate early in November.

To the Stein supporter, a small business owner who isn’t happy about Obama’s performance, voting for Stein was the obvious choice after Clinton defeated Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee.

The Clinton and Stein voters agreed as far as the Sanders factor was concerned. According to the full-time activist, voting for Clinton was the best option after Sanders lost the bid. “Hillary is exponentially better than Trump,” she added.

The Trump supporter, an African American man who early in the video claimed to have been threatened by friends who voted differently from him, said, “As far as the hand that we were dealt,” choosing a president this year felt a lot like choosing between “a polished shit, or a polished shit with sprinkles on top.” With that in mind, the man said before smoking weed for the first time, he went “with the second one.”

After going over the rationale behind their votes, the three took hits from a bong. They also smoked a joint. A few minutes later, they continued to discuss politics.

As the conversation evolved, participants “discovered” they all had the same aversion to what the Clinton supporter called “hate groups.”

But when the Trump supporter was asked to talk about his candidate’s alleged racism, he contended to know that “[Trump] just flat-out said things that I don’t know how he didn’t get kicked out of the race,” but argued that at times, we must look at the context.

He agreed America needs better security but also added that we should make it easier for people to come to this country, not the opposite.

Moments after sharing some snacks, the three found out they all like Game of Thrones, oral sex, getting consent before sex, Zac Efron, Sanders, and The Rock — but they all disagreed on Beyoncé’s music and the approach of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

This article was originally written by Alice Salles and published on TheAntiMedia.Org

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