5 Social Situations Introverts Can’t Handle

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Introverts are different from most people. They tend to look inward, focus on their thoughts and feelings, and process internally. They sometimes ignore the outside world, but it’s not for lack of interest.

Introverts can be outgoing, yet still are reclusive at times. Mostly, certain situations are just kind of awkward. Situations like…

1. Job interviews.

For introverts, it’s hard to pretend to be terribly social. This can make job interviews especially difficult. Introverts really only want to be accepted for who they are, but you’re supposed to be concise and outgoing on the job. That’s not always easy.

2. Family reunions.

Seeing old relatives, visiting with cousins whose names you don’t remember, and maybe drinking a little bit too much – all hallmarks of the family reunion. For the introvert, it can be somewhat painful. Why? Introverts enjoy their personal space and are awkward around people they barely know. Entering a family reunion means you have to hug a bunch of family you hardly know. Awkward.

3. Elevators.

Not sure if they’re supposed to say anything or not, elevators are some of the most intimidating places. It’s hard to stand there and say nothing. It’s also hard to stand there and say something. What do introverts like about elevators? When they’re empty.

4. Parties.

Too much energy. Too much noise. Too much…whatever. People I guess. Introverts don’t do well at parties that aren’t loaded with people they already know. Even smaller social gatherings are enough to make an introvert want to jump out the window. Sometimes introverts can get into it, and if they do, don’t expect to hear from them for a while. They need to recharge.

5. Introductions.

“How do I keep the conversation going? Are we going to like each other? Am I smiling enough?” Introductions are brutal for introverts. When introverts meet people smoothly and naturally, it goes well. Introductions, however, feel forced.

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