5 Signs That You’ve Found Your Twin Flame

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The term twin flame has become more popular to date, and it essentially takes the meaning of the word soulmate a step further.

Your twin flame is a person you’re connected with on more than just a physical or emotional level; there’s a spiritual aspect to this relationship as well.

The belief in a twin flame also means that meeting your soulmate may not be the most optimal romantic relationship you could have in your lifetime.

In fact, your twin flame has supposedly been with you in past lifetimes, and will continue to meet you in future lifetimes as well.

Here are five signs that will tell you whether or not you’ve found your ultimate life partner, in other words your twin flame, or you’re in another typical relationship.

1. You’ve Had Dreams or Visions

A blurry image of the moon against a green sky, and someone reaching out to it.
Unsplash / Jr Korpa
Unsplash / Jr Korpa

This can be a telltale sign that you’re in a relationship with your twin flame, or ultimate partner.

Dreams are physical manifestations of our subconscious, which means that what weighs the heaviest on our minds will come out while we sleep or even daydream.

If you’ve had a reoccurring dream or vision of the same person, before you even met them, this could mean you’ve found your twin flame.