7 Things To Keep In Mind When Dating An Old Soul

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1. We won’t be impressed by your money or stuff.

Someone pulling money out of a wallet.
Unsplash / Allef Vinicius
Unsplash / Allef Vinicius

Old souls just don’t give a shit what physical things you’ve made during your life. What we want to know is what you’ve learned. We want to see what deeper parts of you you’ve connected with.

2. Don’t worry about impressing us.

We like to have fun doing the simple things in life. A quick trip to a bookstore or an urban hike is all we need for a good time. Twerking at the club? Not so much.

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3. We don’t live like most people.

We have unconventional ideas about how life should be lived. We don’t appreciate glitzy new appliances are thousand dollar couches.

These things aren’t important to us. We’d rather have lives filled with meaningful garbage that meaningless expensive stuff.

4. If we have a gut instinct, we go with it.

Old souls have powerful intuitions. We get vibes about things. If we’re picking up a bad vibe, trust us.

5. You may not be our soul mate, but we want a deep romantic experience with you.

Old souls tend to hold a very pragmatic belief toward relationships that they work until they don’t. So every first date comes with an expectation that we’ll be investing fully in it until we no longer see a reason to.

6. Communication is important.

Old souls know how to communicate a thought effectively. We have no time for silly games are the demand that we read your mind. Communicate directly with us and we’ll return the favor.

7. We overthink things.

So don’t be afraid to snap us out of it and make a decisive choice about something we’re on the fence about it. We may seem grumpy about it but we’ll thank you later.

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