Something Amazing Happens When Schools Teach Meditation

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Many of you have probably experienced meditation at some point or another in life. Today, people are burdened by the daily stresses of life, which has given rise to a generation of humans who find meditation, yoga, and other calming practices ideal.

Adults aren’t the only people who can benefit from meditation. Children can as well! This was well demonstrated by a school district in San Francisco that opted to help troubled teens through mindfulness.

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The program taught students to use a quiet time to practice meditation, sometimes using quiet, other times mantras, for 15 minutes a day. The school board hoped it would help kids let go of stress and clear their minds.

In the end, the school saw suspensions decrease by 79% and attendance increase by 98%. Students who participated also saw an increase in their grade point average. Could you imagine if every school in America did this? It really would be something else.