Son Looks For Way To Make Dad Turning 104 Feel Special, Finds 68K Strangers To Help

The funny thing about aging is that the older you get, the less you feel like your age. We tend to feel young at heart and can’t keep up with the way our body deteriorates. Our heart wants us to run while our body can barely walk. Now imagine being alive for a whole century, all hat the history you would live through, the experiences you would have, and the memories you would form.

When Kevin Mills’ father is about to turn 104, there wasn’t much he hadn’t already seen. So for his birthday, he wanted to do something really special, something that will make him feel like his life still mattered no matter how old he had become.

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Over A Century Of Life

If you think about it, the world looks nothing like it did 100 years ago. In the past century, we’ve lived through World Wars I and II, we’ve landed a man on the moon, and we’ve made the very screen, social media, and internet you’re reading this article on a reality.

old man smiling
bravenewmalden / Twitter
bravenewmalden / Twitter

Turning 104 years old is not something you hear of every day, so when you do, you deserve to be celebrated. Kevin Mills, reached out to Twitter and announced that his father was turning 104 and asked if people could send him wishes. He asked: “Any chance I can muster 104 happy birthdays from Twitter? He’ll be amazed and baffled in equal measure.”

The simple birthday wish turned into a thread with over 68 thousand strangers sharing wishes and images and birthdays of people they loved. Here are some of the most heartwarming ones.