Son Looks For Way To Make Dad Turning 104 Feel Special, Finds 68K Strangers To Help

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The funny thing about aging is that the older you get, the less you feel like your age. We tend to feel young at heart and can’t keep up with the way our body deteriorates. Our heart wants us to run while our body can barely walk. Now imagine being alive for a whole century, all hat the history you would live through, the experiences you would have, and the memories you would form.

When Kevin Mills’ father is about to turn 104, there wasn’t much he hadn’t already seen. So for his birthday, he wanted to do something really special, something that will make him feel like his life still mattered no matter how old he had become.

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Over A Century Of Life

If you think about it, the world looks nothing like it did 100 years ago. In the past century, we’ve lived through World Wars I and II, we’ve landed a man on the moon, and we’ve made the very screen, social media, and internet you’re reading this article on a reality.

old man smiling
bravenewmalden / Twitter
bravenewmalden / Twitter

Turning 104 years old is not something you hear of every day, so when you do, you deserve to be celebrated. Kevin Mills, reached out to Twitter and announced that his father was turning 104 and asked if people could send him wishes. He asked: “Any chance I can muster 104 happy birthdays from Twitter? He’ll be amazed and baffled in equal measure.”

The simple birthday wish turned into a thread with over 68 thousand strangers sharing wishes and images and birthdays of people they loved. Here are some of the most heartwarming ones.

The Circle of Life

The tweet has gathered more than 423,000 likes and has gone viral. People find it amazing that someone can live so long and be part of a world that once pre-existed all of our norms.

baby with oxygen opening her arms
adshill / Twitter
adshill / Twitter

Adam Hill posted a picture of his young daughter, who was born premature, hoping that she will get a life as long and as prosperous as Gerald’s. “Happy Birthday Gerald. This is my daughter Flora who was born 12 weeks premature and has just come home to us at three months old. Hope she makes it to 104 too,” he said.

To 100 And Beyond

Many shared images of cherished parents and grandparents who were nearing Gerald’s age and shared his experience. The thread was becoming a celebration of life and a way to remind ourselves of the impact that the elder generation has made on ours. We wouldn’t be here without them.

grandma with glasses
jofabbri / Twitter
jofabbri / Twitter

Joanna shared an image of her 101-year-old grandmother and wrote, “Happy birthday Gerald! My nan, Bridget, shares a birthday with your dad, and she’ll be 101 this year! Hats off and many, many happy returns to these two very special centenarians and all the others on here!”

From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

The thread even caught the attention of celebrities. “Star Wars” celeb Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in the series, wrote: “For Gerald” and shared an emoji of a cake. But he wasn’t the only celeb; Stephen Fry, the English actor and comedian, also wished Gerald well, writing, “Happy birthday Gerald! xx”

tweet from mark hamill if birthday emoji
MarkHamill / Twitter
MarkHamill / Twitter

The first to present projected moving pictures to a paying audience were the Lumière brothers in December 1895 in France, just over a century ago! It’s fascinating how far we’ve come so quickly. It also makes you wonder where we’ll end up.

You Never Know When Time’s Up

Another woman shared a picture of her dad that she had lost, remembering his memory as his birthday would have fallen on the same day as Gerald’s: “Happy Birthday, Gerald. My dad shares your birthday, July 12th. He would have been 70 this year but just passed away May 14th.”

dad and daughter at the park
bravenewmalden / Twitter
bravenewmalden / Twitter

The thing with life is that we have no way of predicting when it will begin or end. While odds increase as we get older, it can happen to anyone at any point. Cherish the ones you love while you still can.

So What’s The Secret To A Long Life

While there is no fountain of youth or magic potion for eternal life, there are habits that could prolong your life. For Gerald, his secret comes down to this: “He puts it down to a number of factors: retaining his independence, having a close and supportive family, a positive outlook, and an unfailing sense of humor. He tries to see the funny side of most things, enjoys a joke and is still not too old to be politely flirtatious,” Kevin said.

Candles lit up in dark backgroung
Nicola Fioravanti / Unsplash
Nicola Fioravanti / Unsplash

While a healthy diet and exercise can help us live to 100, it’s how we feel on the inside that really makes the difference. Surround yourself with love and live as peacefully as possible for a long life.

When Money Stops Buying Happiness

At some point, money stops buying happiness. Money can help purchase experiences, comfort, and maintain a certain lifestyle. Yet, money alone, without love or a supportive network, means nothing. That’s why at 104 years old, Kevin knew there would be no point in buying his dad an expensive gift. He couldn’t take money to his grave.

old man hugs someone with people clapping around them
Miguel Bautista / Unsplash
Miguel Bautista / Unsplash

“Dad’s at an age where there’s nothing he wants or needs that can be bought with money,” Kevin explained, thus he went with something more fun and different,” he explains.

Find Your Purpose

A 2019 study found that those who scored highest on a scale that measured “life purpose” were less likely to die and decreased their odds of heart, circulatory, or blood conditions. Purpose gives our life direction ad fulfills our existence, which might just be enough to extend it.

woman holding candle at night and protecting the flame with her hand
BBC Creative / Unsplash
BBC Creative / Unsplash

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