Sorry But Mercury Retrograde Is Back, Here’s What To Expect Before Panicking

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Anyone else feeling chaotic vibes in the air lately? At the risk of being the bearer of bad news, the arguably most difficult time of the year is upon us. From October 5 to October 10, Mercury is going to meet with Mars, which could trigger some intense exchanges. That’s not to mention that Mercury Retrograde begins its backspin on September 27 all the way through October 18, gracing us with three weeks of cosmic chaos.

Fear not, however, if you know what to expect, you might just develop enough awareness to deal with it head-on rather than let it take over. Here’s what’s in store.

Return Of The Unresolved Drama

woman looking out the window with man behind

Mostafa Meraji / Unsplash

Mostafa Meraji / Unsplash

Think of this moon phase as the neighbor’s cat who you made the mistake of feeding once to be nice and now it shows up at your door everyday hoping for more food. Basically, whatever skeletons you have hiding in your closet, it’s spooky season and they want to find you.

As a result expect that miscommunications are extra likely during this retrograde, and unresolved drama in our interpersonal relationships are coming back to the forefront.

Logic Is Out The Window

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This is a period where miscommunications, mental mix-ups, ghosted messaged and forgetfulness are to be expected. The transition takes a toll on all logistical matters.

As Mercury enters its retrograde, it’s locked in a square with transformative Pluto. This will expose some of the patterns in how we intrepet and shape information, such as how we comminicate and express our needs. However, the process to get there is bound to be stressful and emotional before it becomes rational.

Plans Get Bailed On

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Luke Porter / Unsplash

Luke Porter / Unsplash

​Mercury is known as the planet of communication which gives it a lot of power over our social lives. This time around it’s happening during the air Libra phase which can stir up some imbalances in our relationships. Sentiments might get misinterpreted and emotional exhaustion can lead to flakiness.

To avoid the drama, it might be best to overcommunicate and double-check plans, as well as to not overbook yourself. Don’t take it personally if someone forgets to text you back because we’re all on the struggle bus together this season. o

Reflection And Healing

woman sits in a field and looks to the side

Kelli McClintock / Unsplash

Kelli McClintock / Unsplash

Be careful not to cave into the chaos and take this time as extra incentive to spend the time reflecting. Evaluate your relationships and assess how you communicate. This will reveal a lot on how you see others and how others see you.

This retrograde ca be an experience of healing and transformation around our relationship with ourselves and others. It’s also a good time to find closure such as with exes or frenemies that resurface. You are in control and can get through this retrograde with this kind of introspection.

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