5 Signs You’ve Encountered Someone From Your Soul Group

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When you die, your soul shatters like a vase thrown against the wall. It sounds like a rather tumultuous thing to have to go through, but it’s actually quite wonderful.

Souls are being shattered all the time, but they’re then swept back up and made into a new soul. Sometimes pieces of your old soul find their way into someone else’s new soul. Sometimes their pieces get added to your soul. And this is how a soul family is made.

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A soul family is a group of people who have pieces of each others’ souls. It’s similar to soul mates, but considerably more familial than romantic. How do you know you’ve met someone from your soul family?

They build you up.

Your soul family builds you up. When you want to change, they have your back. When you have a big idea, they help you see it through. Your soul family is always going to be there for you.