Self-Discovery Game: Choose A Soul Picture And See What it Reveals About You

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Sometimes subtle things can tell us a lot about who we are as people, like what our favorite colors are and what kinds of places we’re drawn to. In this fun game, choose a photo from the four above that you’re most drawn to and we’ll tell you what it says about you.

Photo #1:

Your self esteem is healthy. It’s not too strong, leading to a big ego. It’s also not too weak, leading to an improperly lived life. It’s perfectly even. You’re a balanced and cultivated person full of self-love and probably a lot of love coming from others.

Photo #2:

You might feel a bit incomplete and not entirely happy with who you are. You may also feel like you haven’t achieved that much in your life. It can be hard to fulfill yourself, but approach it in a healthy way. No panic or fear, just know your goals and go for it.

Photo #3:

You have many good qualities you’re proud of, yet you second-guess your value as a human being entirely too much. You seek perfection and come up short every time. Perfection isn’t possible! It’s sometimes important to embrace your flaws.

Photo #4:

You’re the neutral one. You aren’t bothered by things like self-worth. You don’t compare yourself to others. You’re simply neutral. Your shortcomings don’t bug you and your strengths don’t excite you.

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