The Color Of Human Auras And What They Mean

If you have a dark red aura, you're likely considerably more angry and vengeful than your lighter red counterpart. Your energy makes you reckless.

An orange aura signals vitality, stamina, courage, creativity, and being a perfectionist. These auras are most commonly seen among scientists and teachers.

A yellow aura indicates that you're in a lighter mood, often playful, curious, passionate, and a great communicator. You have a strong identity and are very aware of yourself and the way you appear to the world.

A green aura indicates a deep connection with the Earth, personal growth, balance, and intense love. Darker greens can indicate low self-esteem, resentment, and jealousy.

Blue auras are calm, expressive, and cool by nature. When the aura turns a darker blue, however, the throat chakra is likely clogged and expressing yourself becomes much harder - even something you fear.

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