5 Signs Your Spirit Guide Is Attempting To Contact You

If you've ever noticed that you've been seeing a certain number over and over again that could be a sign that your spirit guide is trying to reach out to you and lead you toward the next big thing that is about to happen in your life.

Some people mistake these repetitive situations as mere coincidences, however, they are more than that.

Whenever you've begun to see a pattern in something you like or that you've noticed a lot of synchronicity taking place everywhere you go, then this means that your spirit guide is ready to help you make a spiritual awakening deep within.

Here are six things that happen once your spirit guide has begun to reach out to you.

1. Reaching You Through Music

Your spirit guide has a wonderful way of knowing just what kind of music you need at specific moments in your life. You may be listening to a song that you haven't heard in a very long time or you could be listening to a song that you've never heard before in your life.

This is your spirit guide trying to connect to you and making you feel a certain way at the present moment. They are communicating the best way they know how which is one of the deepest connections that we have with everything around us and that is through music.

Listen carefully to the lyrics, find the repetition, and let yourself experience the awakening they've been waiting to show you.

2. Reaching You Through Dreams

You may have start to notice that there is a certain pattern in your dreams that you've been having lately. Maybe you've been seeing a specific thing in your dreams or a vague familiar feeling that you've felt once before and have long since forgotten it until lately.

This is your spirit guide trying to tell you something through the dreams that you are having. Notice next time whatever the repeating dream is it could be your next step to having a spiritual awakening.

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