5 Signs Your Spirit Guide Is Attempting To Contact You

3. Reaching You Through Smells

Your spirit guide knows exactly which kinds of smells trigger a loving sensation within you. Almost like a very nostalgic smell that you've loved for a very long time and haven't had the chance to breathe in the sweet air until recently.

This is your spirit guide trying to reach out to you through the smells that you associate with being loved, sad, worried, or any other emotion that makes you feel a certain way.

If these nostalgic smells continue to find you somehow everyday, then this may be your chance to experience a spiritual awakening.

4. Reaching You Through Loose Change

If you've noticed that you've been picking up a lot of loose change in strange places you would never expect, then this is your spirit guide trying to reach out to you when you are experiencing depression, sadness, or any kind of bad feelings.

This is kind of like your spirit guide telling you not to give up hope and that you must keep moving forward through life even though things aren't going your way right now. Your spirit guide is trying to reach out by giving you loose change to make you see the brighter side in life.

5. Reaching You Through Text

Your spirit guide will find various ways to reach you through text that you may be reading at the moment. Take for instance when you read a piece of literature that compelled you to cry or laugh, this is your spirit guide trying to connect to you by making you feel something deep within yourself.

Even if it was just a small sentence that made you start to tear up, this was them trying to make you realize something about yourself. The next time you decide to go book shopping, let the text call to you, let your spirit guide navigate you through the pages as you walk together unknowingly.

These are all indications that your spirit guide is desperately trying to make contact with you and steer you in the right path to your next big spiritual awakening. It's important that you let yourself remain open to the possibilities of the world so that you can experience a deeper connection to your guide than ever before.

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