Discover Which One Of Your Chakras Is The Most Dominant

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In some Indian religions, a chakra, which is a Sanskrit word for “wheel,” is thought to be an energy node in the subtle body. There are 7 of them total, and each is connected by a channel called a nadi. The nadis allow energy to flow between chakras in the subtle energy body.

Each chakra has a different purpose. The Sahasrara, for example, is located at the top of the head and is the point where your body’s energy meets with Shiva energy.

The Muladhara, as another example, is located near the gonads and is said to be responsible with intuition and our fight-or-flight response.

Each chakra should be open. Sometimes they’re closed, sometimes they’re too opened. Balance is necessary. Which if your chakras is more dominant than the others? Take the quiz and find out.

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