5 Core Differences Between Spirituality And Religion

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People who claim to be spiritual are often faced with a very conflicting question about whether or not they are religious. Most of the time people think the two are basically the same thing all in one.

However, this is not the truth in the slightest. Being spiritual or being religious are two very separate matters of living. Sometimes when people try to explain why they are spiritual compared to being religious, they have a hard time describing the differences and what it means to them as a whole.

Spirituality Is About Love, Not Fear

Religion has a very primary aspect that sinks deep within everyone once they have devoted themselves to that specific religion. As we have seen many times before, this aspect we refer to is fear. Spirituality does not address fear but shows how you can face it with the power of love.

Spirituality allows a person to dive deep within themselves to find the pieces and little things that they love about themselves, then encourages them to go even further with these new found insights of the world as well as themselves. Fear does not allow us to do these things, instead fear teaches us how to hate and be angry at things we cannot change.

Spirituality Brings People Together

Spirituality brings people together through these same ideals of love and acceptance of being who they are. Religion has very strict ancient rules that defy any others who do not follow the same creed as them. Spirituality accepts all forms of love and peace within anyone who is willing to give back to the world around them.

There is a mutual understanding in spirituality that we are all only human on the outside but what we can be together as one is something entirely different. People recognize that being spiritual means they understand there is a much bigger picture of the world and how they can be apart of it instead of against it.

Religion Tells You, Spirituality Let’s You Discover

Religion gives you ideas of how everything was created, how people are meant to be, and how the world is suppose to operate. Spirituality lets you discover the differences in the world, how things were actually created, and how humans are suppose to be with each other.

Religion is very specific about how we should treat others and how we are suppose to eliminate those who are against it’s practices. Spirituality lets you discover your own way of living and your own way of coexisting with those around you.

Spirituality Has No Agenda

Being a spiritual person means that you have no specific agenda to force upon others to try and convert them into something they are uncomfortable with. Being spiritual means that you are willing to guide those down a path of love and acceptance.

Spirituality allows you to walk the world as a free person, able to create beautiful things that you can share with others, let you witness the elements in their finest moments, and more importantly it allows you to understand that there is beauty in being temporary.

Punishment Versus Karma

The unfortunate response you get from someone who is religious often time tells you that you’re going to hell or that you will be threatened with what their god will do to you if you do not conform. Karma on the other hand is the basic understanding that you get exactly what you put into the world. If you are constantly sending negative energy into the world you will receive nothing but negative energy. The same goes for positive energy.

The important thing to remember when it comes to both of these ways of living, is that you should walk your own path. Do not follow anything or anyone that you do not feel comfortable with. You are your own person and can make the world a completely different place just by being one or the other.

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