People Who Died And Claim To Be Reincarnated Share The Memories Of Their Past Lives

Reincarnation, also known as rebirth is the belief that we don't get to live just one life. The concept explains that the non-physical essence of a living being begins a new life in a different physical form or body after biological death. Usually, however, we can't necessarily consciously remember the lives we lived before even though our souls still bear all the good and bad deeds we've accumulated.

The following people claim to have been reincarnated except they also happen to have memories of who they once were. These are their stories.

The Same Dream, 300 Times Over

man's face in military uniform

Sammy Williams / Unsplash

"I had a very vivid dream well over 300 times. It's always the same. I'm a 31yr old Australian male with zero paramilitary culture which is another reason that I cant process my dream where I'm a passenger in a helicopter flying over a town that appears Middle Eastern. We have just completed a mission and the radio goes. This is a little weird. I really don't think the message is in English. But I understand it all the same. The dream flashes forward. Then it's me About to jump out Oddly with a rope in my hands. I'm not talking about climbing gear. But actual thick rope. We use it like a fireman's pole.

The ground troops are in.. "formation" against the side of a large house. The team knocks in the door and I'm second or third in Line. Quickly moving through A room and into the next I miss a young boy to my left and he Shoots me. I've probably got four or five bullets in me. I always remember the wall behind, cracked a little like they've gone through. Then black. For a split second, I'm on a hospital bed somewhere with bright lights. Then nothing." WyldeWest / Reddit

A Boy Beyond His Years

young boy meditating in the park

Vitola Klein / Unsplash

​"I spoke in full sentences from a very young age. My was flipping through a National Geographic. With my little hands, I grab the thing, flip back several pages frantically, and then I put my face like an inch above the page. I just froze there, poring over this picture of a ruined monastery in a desert, drinking in every little detail. 'I used to live there,; I said. She laughed. 'No, you've always lived with me.' 'No, no. This was a long time before you were born,"'I told her.

So she pulls me back from the page and asks me, 'well, what did you use to do when you lived there?' She says I told her, 'I wrote books, and I grew vegetables!' And my little finger pointed at an outbuilding of the monastery and an empty field behind it. Well, I can't read yet. My mother said she got very cold and started shivering from head to toe. The caption of the photo was explaining that the monastery was nearly self-sufficient, gathering rainwater in cisterns to support vegetable gardens year-round behind the scriptorium where the monks produced copies of the Bible and other holy books." - faceintheblue / Reddit

Some Have Gone To Regression Sessions Ro Relive Their Past Lives

woman lays in white see through gown on cut wood

Adrian Ra / Unsplash

Regression sessions are designed to bring back repressed or lost memories with hypnosis. Here's one person's experience: " I went to a past life regression session thinking it would just be a bit of fun. It was actually extremely intense. Since then I've had a few past life fragments come back to me. One was in Pompeii. I remember the ring my husband had given me. It was enormous and ugly, but he was so proud of it. I remember that he died from some kind of routine treatment that I nagged him to get, and how guilty I felt when I remembered that.

Another was in the mid-1800s. I remember the room I was in, the smell of the fire, the tightness of my corset, the way my dress felt under my hands. I would not remake the choices I made in that life, but I feel a strong pull to that time. I am positive I have had other lives too, but I don't remember enough of them to be sure. It is hard to articulate how these are different from imagination or dreams. They feel so real." - coffeeandarabbit / Reddit

But What Does It All Mean?

box full of black and white pictures

Roman Kraft / Unspash

"I have many memories that aren't my own. Houses, people, faces, events, they are very short and normal memories, very vivid, but not really special. Is there a story behind it all? No. If reincarnation does happen, I don't believe there's a much bigger picture. Or maybe there is and I'm missing it, but I feel like any guy and don't want to find out more about these memories."

So what is the point of recantation if it's real? In Hinduism, the idea is that nothing is permanent but the true purpose of each reincarnation is another attempt to reach our highest self and attain Nirvana. When we fail we get another chance through rebirth until Nirvana is attained. Yet some people find that their reincarnation memories may be nothing more than just memories without purpose.

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Maybe It's All In Our Heads

woman looks down with her hair covering her face and her hand on her head

Carolina Hez / Unsplash

" I have Dissociative Identity Disorder. When I was younger and before I started seeing a psychologist, I thought I had experienced a past life due to one of the others in my head (who is a horse) having his own set of memories. I still entertain the thought sometimes, but I usually keep these things to myself.

But who knows? Maybe when I was born, some extra souls got thrown in? The others in my head don't have such memories though. Either way, if I believe them or not, the "memories" are still there." - INeedToSlowDown / Reddit

The next time you have deja vu, examine the memory and ask yourself, is it really yours? For all you know you might have thousands of repressed memories tucked deep inside your soul from past lives.

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Five Types Of Toxic Mothers Who Leave Invisible Scars On Their  Daughters

Not all scars are visible. Some hide deep inside, to the point where we might not even realize we have them till we suddenly feel their pain. We wonder why we are the way we are, unable to let ourselves be loved, or even unable to love in the capacity that we know we can. We realize that we're just protecting ourselves.

The way a mother loves their child will dictate the way that the child defines and understands love. This becomes their first contact with the concept and once they form it, whether it's good or bad, it can be really hard to change it as an adult. Here's how.

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The Controlling Mother

mother kneels to whisper in daughter's ear

Sai De Silva / Unsplash

​For some mothers, it was impossible to accept that mother does not know best simply because she is a mother. Yet, she used this statement over and over again to assert her word. It was her way or the highway and this meant a series of endless rules, many of which were a reflection of her own insecurities.

She convinced herself that she was protecting you and acting out of love but instead she made you resent her for never saying yes, for never trusting you, for never giving you the opportunity to experience the world and learn for yourself. She even at times tried to control your feelings in her complete refusal to recognize you as an independent person. Rather she saw you as an extension of herself and used that to justify why you must always do as she asks.

The Narcissistic Mother

woman looks in lightbulb mirror and fixes hair

Oleg Sergeichik / Unsplash

This mother somehow always found a way to make everything about herself. When you cried, she complained that you were tiring her out. When you needed a ride, she made sure you understood how much of an inconvenience you were to her. Even when you excelled, she pointed out that it was actually all thanks to her and what she provided for you. She was too busy worrying about herself that she never really got to know you.

Ironically, everyone else thought she was the perfect mother because that's how she made it look on the outside. Your feelings were always dismissed because she made others envious of appearances. She cared more about how others saw you than how you did.

The Mother Who Used You As Her Only Means Of Happiness

moth and daughter laying the grass looking at each oter

Gence Halmosi / Unsplash

No child should bear the burden of being their mother's only source of joy and pride. It is too much pressure to have the person you depend on, depend on you for their own selfish needs. This mother made her whole world revolve around her kid. There was no such thing as boundaries. She constantly needed attention and smothered you with hers.

There were times the roles were reversed and she was the one needing you to mother her, forcing you to grow up long before you were due. She did not know how to let you go and got angry at you for not reciprocating her emotional needs. She drained you and distorted your definition of love.

The Impossible To Please Mother

mother and daughter hold  hands and touch foreheads

Jonatas Domingo / Unsplash

​For this mother, nothing was good enough. No matter the achievement you proudly presented to her, it was downplayed and just expected. She saw how hard you worked but she never rewarded you for it. She thought that she was pushing you and that her tough love would motivate you to work even harder to really impress her but instead, you grew up thinking that you would never be good enough, not to her and not anyone.

Even when you tried to show her how much you love her, hoping she would show it back, she took it for granted and ignored your efforts. Children are programmed to need the approval of their mothers, and as an adult, you often still crave it simply because you never got it.

The Physically Present But Absent Minded Mother

moth holds son as they sit on couch

Omar Lopez / Unsplash

This mother was there all along, but she was never truly accessible. She was so caught up in her own world, maybe even her own pain that she failed to see how much you needed for her affection. She was emotionally distant making you feel like anything and everything was more of a priority than connecting with you. She often gave you fancy gifts as if they would make up for her lack of empathy.

As a child, you were confused, unable to understand your purpose in the world if your own mother could not give you the time of day. You might have even rebelled in an effort to get her attention, but it only drove her further away. Till this day you wonder how to be seen.

Are You Still Searching For Your Purpose

woman looks down at open box with light inside

Anton Darius / Unsplash

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Heartbreaking Christmas Day Stories That Remind Us That Not Everyone Is Joyful This Time Of Year

The supposed most wonderful time of the year is actually the most painful time of the year for some of us. For some, it's just an in-your-face reminder of our solitude. Others have to explain to their children why they don't have the means to get them nice gifts like their friends. Then there are those who are missing their lost loved ones extra on the days they can no longer share with them.

Whatever the unfortunate circumstances, let's be mindful of each other. And if these stories remind you of yourself, remember that you're not alone.

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Some Are Sick

woman holds cleanex on cries on red cushion

Liza Summer / Pexels

"I spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, and new year's (all in the same year, in one stay) in an inpatient psychiatric ward when I was 16. Nobody called, picked up the phone or came to visit me." - legendarywildchicken / Reddit

No matter the illness, no one should spend Christmas locked up in a hospital, surrounded by death, misfortune, and diseases instead of love, comfort, family, and good food. Yet, this is the case for many, especially those whose families have given up on them.

Some Don't Have Money

woman holds sring lights and looks down at them

Kha Ruxury / Pexels

"I had just moved to Florida, I had no money, next to no furniture, no family, no friends, and while I technically had a job, I hadn’t started yet. My ex gave me a box of lights and garland but I didn’t have a tree or anything like that. I strung the garland and lights around a stool (one of the few things I did have - a small table and stool I was able to drive down with) and I stared at the lights and drank a bottle of wine alone." - deleted / Reddit

While a person can make do when they're alone, having little money on Christmas is even more difficult for bigger families and small children. Children simply can't understand why they're different than the others or deserve less, and some families can barely even eat that night let alone host a whole feast.

Some Are Without Family

woman sits at wooden table and lays her head on it crying while holding a heart shaped photo frame

RODNAE Productions / Pexels

"My dad died unexpectedly 7 years ago just a week before Christmas. Mom died in October. This year has been the hardest, saddest Christmas. Even beats the year I came home early from work to find my now ex-husband in bed with my best friend." - idontwhoiamanymore / Reddit

Sometimes Christmas coincides with a difficult time and a period of transition. While getting through the downs is hard on its own, it's even harder during the holidays without the people you once relied on.

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Some Have No Where To Go

woman sits against couch by wooden Christmas tree

Anthony Tran / Unsplash

"One year I wasn't permitted to go home for Christmas and had to stay with my foster family. I spent that Christmas in the hand-me-down pajamas I'd worn for three days straight in the cold basement, while I could hear everyone laughing from upstairs. They had other relatives over too. I wasn't included because I wasn't a 'part of the family'". - strqwberryoreos

Some people are sadly dealt difficult cards by no fault on their own. No matter the level of their resiliency, some things are just outside of their control and not everyone shows them sympathy for it.

Some Are Grieving

woman sits by grave in cemetery in goth clothing

Tanya Dusett

My brother died nine years ago. He was the only one who called me or brought me to his place for Christmas. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and lung issues and I spend every damned day alone.

Mostly I am fine. But Christmas to New Years is just hell. I mean, at 55 On a disabled pension I do not think that is likely to change. I find ways to, you know, find joy and all of that, but I miss my brother. It is at Christmas I feel it most. Like a lot of people." - SamhainsJourney / Reddit

Remember that Christmas is difficult for people of all ages. The holiday can hold just as much value for children as it does for older adults.

Some Carry A Bad Memory

sad girl by Christmas tree

Cotton Bro / Pexels

"My father left my mother and I for his new girlfriend right before Christmas. He came back on Christmas day with a friend of his to collect his presents from underneath the tree. He said goodbye to the family cat but not to me, his only child." - deleted

When a traumatic or sad event takes place during the holiday season, it can taint that season for the rest of that person's life. The association of the memory with the timing is too difficult to get past for some, so every year during the holiday season, it feels like they have to relive that memory all over again.

Being Alone Doesn't Mean Being Without Purpose

woman looks rests her hand on her face and looks sad while sitting outside by Christmas decor

RODNAE Productions / Pexels

If you're alone this holiday season, remember that you matter. You still have a purpose and it's up to you to find. To help you get started tap. into the 4,000-year-old science of Numerological Analysis with a FREE Numerology video report!

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