Harvest Full Moon in Pisces: Get Ready For The Emotional Pull On September 20

This month's lunar climax will surely been an emotional one. The September 2021 full moon (also known as the Harvest Moon) is rising in Pisces.

Full moons in general are heavy on feelings, but as a water sign, this energy shift is both poetic and sensitive. It's likely to feel more emotional than usual. As we say goodbye to the warm season, we are forced to spend some time with ourselves. Whether that means facing our darkness or focusing on future projects, here are the changes that the Harvest Moon brings ahead.

It's Okay Not To Be Okay

man lays in flower bed

Fernando / Unsplash

Pisces is one of the more emotional signs of the zodiac. This means that it is very in tune with the negative energy around it, especially after the year we've had. Up to this point, we may have been bottling it all up, especially in an effort to be productive with Virgo's energy.

The Pisces's energy may release an urge to get it all out of our systems. Wether that means a good cry, or connecting with loved ones, it's okay not to be okay.

The Rose Colored Glasses Effect

woman wearing heart shaped pink glasses and holding pink lollipop

Zoltan Tasi / Unsplash

​On the bright side, Pisces also brings out our passion. It's likely that once you release, you'll find comfort in daydreams. You may feel more motivated as your intuition kicks in over your logic. Let your imagination take over but be careful not to fully put on Pisces rose-colored glasses.

This is a great time to set intentions and visualize the kind of lifestyle you previously might have convinced yourself was too out of reach.

Full Moon, New You

silhouette of a cat by orange moon

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While the New Moon in Virgo pushed you to organize and set rational boundaries, Pisces will balance that out by pulling you towards a more creative perspective. Allow yourself to think outside of the box. If you don't know how, think of a creative form of expression.

As you write, draw, dance bake or engage in any other creative outlet, you'll find yourself channeling ​Pisces unique energy and influencing your mood. Let the passion take over This is a great time to try something new or take a risk. Trust your gut.

A Rise Of Psychic Ability

close up f hands holding white globe in orange lighting

Gantas Vaciulenas / Pexels

On September 20, the Pisces full moon will sit closest to Neptune. This not only will pull us towards amplified sensitivity but it might open us up to psychic ability. When caving into daydreaming, we might be able to see the world through a much more colorful and hopeful lens.

Leave logic on the backburner and listen to what the heart has to say. Open it up to getting lost in this outwardly creative energy. Once you let it turn on your inner light, you'll surprise yourself with how much clearer you can see.

The Harvest Moon's Balancing Act

harvest field in the sunlight

Kabompics / Pexels

Traditionally the September Moon's spiritual meaning is all about balance and abundance as the daylight and night hours split almost equally. it's a time of rebirth where the trees begin to shed their leaves. It's a time of closure and climactic conclusion as the warmer season ends to welcome fall and winter.

To channel that in, consider that It's a time to honor and appreciate your home. But, it's a time for reflection and gratitude as well, as you will feel deeply with Pisces energy.

Reflect Back Inwards

two feet stand by puddle water with reflection of person and plane

Marc Olivier Joudin / Unsplash

Collectively, we are beginning to turn inward. We are becoming aware of the natural world around us and as it changes it reflects back on us. We feel these changes so we might as well embrace them. As the natural word takes the time to face on its darker, colder season, take the time to do the same so that by spring, you're ready to bloom with its flowers.

Consider these key themes as part of your intention: gratitude, abundance, harvesting and nature, transitions, balance, and home and hearth


When Do We Stop Being Young? Here Is The Moment Of Realization

How do we tell if we're young? Is it simply the way we feel at heart? Is it the way others look at us? For most of us, it wasn't a gradual process of realization. Instead, it was a defining moment that forced us to take a hard look at ourselves and think "wow, I must be really getting old."

In age, there is wisdom and experience, but there is also a sense of loss. Time is precious, where on its line do you fall?

An Appreciation For The Small Things In Life

older woman looking off to the side in fedora hat

Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

"When I opened a new pack of sponges for dishwashing and became all excited to use a fresh sponge." - tuxedo_cat_commander / Reddit

As we get older we stop expecting the newest toy under the Christmas tree because we understand the value of the work it takes to get that toy. Instead, we value practicality. We can see the bigger picture, so we learn to appreciate the small things along the way.

The Generations Give Birth To New Ones

grandma and her granddaughter look out the window

Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas / Pexels

"It hits you when you're 36. That's the year you could've had a child at age 18 who would become 18 and possibly have a child, making you old enough to be a grandparent." - crewthsr / Reddit

You used to look at your parents and think of them as old creatures who must know everything. Then you had children of your own and learned firsthand that there's no way to always know what you're doing. Then some of us had grandkids and wondered: "where did the time go?"

Not Recognizing the Person In The Mirror

woman hides her face in the mirror

Milada Vigerova / Unsplash

"Looking in the mirror. I'm in my mid-20s, but within the past year I've noticed that my reflection has reasonably changed and I definitely wouldn't be mistaken for a teenager anymore." - MayBeAPossum / Reddit

Although our features age slowly, we don't tend to notice the wrinkles forming until they're already there, or until we look back at a picture and then notice that our skin jaw isn't as tight anymore. There is beauty to every age, but it's not always easy to accept.

The Body Begins To Fail

woman massages her neck as she sits at a table

Keenan Constance / Unsplash

"When I dislocated my jaw lying in bed yawning. Didn't even think it was even possible." - purpleowlie / Reddit

It's not just the outside of our body that changes in its appearance. Our insides also start to deteriorate. It's much easier to throw out our backs or run out of breath going up a flight of stairs. In a way the body is letting us know that it has lived and experienced the speed of life, and it is now ready to pause to appreciate all it has experienced.

Priorities Change

tired woman laying on cushion with her arm hanging off and her hair above her face

Sinitta Leunen / Unsplash

"When I only got 4 hours of sleep before work and felt like I was literally going to die. Ten years ago, I would drive 5 hours after work on Friday to see my SO, we'd party all weekend, then I'd leave at 1 am on Monday, drive all night and go to work Monday. And I was exhausted but fine. "

It seems as though as we get older we give more value to our alone time and our self-care. Suddenly the rare ability to have a night off to simply take a bath and be in bed by 9 pm feels more like a luxury than a fancy night out.

Earning More Respect

Monk with his hands in a prayer motion

Arisa Chattasa/ Unsplash

"Neighborhood kid next door must be 22 or so calls me sir. The first time it happened I was like "sir"? Dude, I'm like….okay a lot older than you." - genericusername0176 / Reddit

The silver lining in getting older is that we have accumulated a lot of wisdom and experience. It is up to us to now pass it on to the younger generations. We cannot slow down time but we can embrace the respect that comes with age.


The Fall Equinox: 4 Ways To Celebrate it and Welcome Rebirth

There are two equinoxes and solstices every year. The first equinox is the coming one in September. The September equinox also happens to welcome in the fall season in the Northern Hemisphere. It typically falls between September 21 – 23.

This year, in 2021, the fall equinox will take place on Wednesday, September 22, at 19:21 UTC. In other time zones, the autumnal equinox will begin at 3:21 PM EDT, and 12:21 AM PDT in the Northern Hemisphere. Here is what it signifies and how you can celebrate it.

What Is The Fall Equinox?

hand with black nailpolish holds up fall leafs in a park

Erico Marcelino / Unsplash

The fall equinox, also known as Mabon, marks the astronomical beginning of the autumn season. In fancy astronomical terms, the vernal equinox happens at the same moment in the Southern Hemisphere as the North and marks the astronomical beginning of the spring equinox. This is the point when that the sun crosses the celestial equator.

What's fascinating about it is that at the exact moment of the equinox, the sun shines directly on the equator. Then it continues its journey south or north, depending on the time of year.

It's A Day Of Balance

silhouette of a person balancing on a rock durinh sunrise

Aziz Acharki / Unsplash

The word equinox itself is derived from "equal night" in Latin. This is quite fitting as when the sun shines directly on the equator, it splits the length of day and night to be almost equal. It balances out the light with the darkness.

This is why the equinox is celebrated as a day of balance–both for the light and darkness of the day, as well as the light and darkness of the soul.

Time For Rebirth

a couple of stones balancing by the shore

The spiritual meaning of Mabon relies on the balance aspect of the fall equinox. Just like night and day are in balance, so are darkness and light, masculine and feminine energy, and inner and outer aspects of our beings. The universe may exist outside of us but it reflects within us.

As the trees shed their leaves to give birth to new ones, the time until spring is a time of growth. We learn to appreciate what we once had to thrive for more because to find the light within us, we must first deal with the darkness. W

Make A list Of Gratitudes

man writing in a journal while sitting in a backyard

Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

To allow for a rebirth you need to spend time reflecting. Take the time to journal or meditate and ask yourself "what can I release that no longer serves me?" and "what is causing me imbalance?"

Then balance those thoughts out by also acknowledging the blessings you have that do serve you, and at least five things you already feel grateful for. This will put you in the right mindset to receive the abundance and growth that you are destined for.

Connect With The Fruits Of The Season

fall picnic in a field with champagne, fruit and a blanket

Paige Cody / Unsplash

The fall season comes with its own variety of aromas, flavors, colors, and feel. Immerse yourself in nature by connecting with the fruit it gifts us during this time. You can gather your loved ones for a harvest meal. Or, you can connect with the herbs of the season by spreading them around your house and smelling their aromas.

Smells actually have the power to solidify memories so that you can remember your rebirth and refer back to it every time you feel like you're losing yourself.

Restore Balance In Your Home

feet with socks on standing on staircase with a pumpkin, coffee, a book, a blanket and spread out fall leaves

Alex Geerts / Unsplash

They don't call it a fall cleaning for no reason. Rebirth doesn't just have to be on the inside. The way you change your environment will reflect inwards and outwards on you. Cleaning, organizing, and tidying up will restore balance in your home and safe space to match the balance the universe is trying to create.

This is why it's also a great time to redocorate and get rid of any items that no longer serve you in order to make the space for abundance. You can readjust your space and routine to match the changing seasons and light hours.

Host Or Attend A Bonfire

A bonfire is a great way to celebrate the autumnal equinox. Not only can you create your own spiritual traditions through music, dance, and the beat of drums but you can use the fire as a metaphor for the rebirth to come too.

Bring an object, a list of what no longer serves you, or pictures of what you want to put behind and let it burn in the fire. Watching it dissolve will give you a visualization of the release that you're putting out into the universe.


Should We Follow The Heart Or The Mind? Here Is The Difference

It's a constant battle between the mind and the heart. We are tempted to follow through with bad decisions and justify them through the heart even when it feels like our brains are yelling at us to stop. We give people chances even when our mind decides that they don't deserve them. The heart often wins, but sometimes it shouldn't.

Do you think your "self" is located in your heart or in your brain? Here is how to chose.

They Inform One Another

two hands grabbing unto cut out heart

Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

Emotions and thoughts are not separate entities. Instead, they are always intertwined in their expressions through a holistic brain. In fact, they constantly work together as a team to help us make sense of ourselves and the world around us.

However, both the mind and the heart each have their flaws. So maybe rather than ask if we should put one above the other, we should ask how we can bring out the best both and have one warn the other.

Where Is The Self?

woman resting her chin on her hands at a table

Ben White / Unsplash

There is a bunch of research trying to find the answer to whether we locate our sense of self in the mind or in the heart. It seems as though it's a question of whether we see ourselves as independent or interconnected with other people.

For example, those who live in places with a collectivist culture like India are more likely to find their sense of self in the heart. On the other hand, Americans who give a lot of value to independence might be more likely to locate their sense of self in the brain. Which one do you relate to more?

Memories Long For Taking Risks

woman hiding her face while laying in bed surrounded by photos

Ian Dooley / Unsplash

The funny thing about the heart is that even when it gets hurt, it wants to take the risk again. That's because it remembers the things that made us feel. That's how we feel alive. Even when that feeling was painful, it was often preceded by our most beautiful memories.

It seems like the memory isn't affected by logic as much as we would like to think. Instead, it tips the brain over to impulsive decisions, or decisions that just make sense, hoping that those are the ones we will cherish and remember most.

Determine Your Current Emotional State

man looking down while standing in a hoodie

Andrew Neel / Unsplash

As tempting as it is to listen to the heart over the brain, you must be careful. When you think on your feet, your thoughts are more influenced by your emotional state. This is not the case when you're thinking slow and able to taking the time to evaluate with logic.

For example, if you're in a bad mood, you might miss out on an opportunity that would benefit you.

The Heart Can Be Damaging

woman resting her hand on her heart

Giulia Bertelli / Unsplash

In the same way it works when you're in a bad mood, if you're in a good mood and need to make a risky decision, you might react impulsively and make the wrong decision based on your emotional state at that moment only, and regret it later

Basically, listening to your heart, especially if you're under any kind of time pressure, can hurt you and have damaging consequences. That's why it's best to not make hasty decisions in the heat of the moment.

The Heart Speaks More Languages

woman holding string light in the shape of a heart and smiling

Bart Larue / Unsplash

The benefit of the mind is that it is formed with years of experience and accumulated knowledge. Yet, knowledge is not the same as wisdom. Knowledge is based on facts while wisdom uses the heart to determine what to do with that knowledge.

The heart and the mind not only speak different languages, but the heart also speaks multiple languages. It's able to interpret and evaluate numerous perspectives.

Find A Way To Blend Both

woman sipping on coffee mug at her desk with a journal

Good Faces / Unsplash

It turns out our sense of self is truly a blend of logic and emotion. Things are rarely ever black or white so both are needed to navigate the grey and make an informed decision. Use the wisdom of the heart combined with the knowledge of the mind so that your emotions don't cloud your judgment.

Think of the heart as the king, with the mind as the king's adviser. When making a difficult decision, the king might ask his advisers for advice or send him out into the world to gather information, but in the end, it's the king that makes the final decision.


What Is One Piece​ Of Advice That Changed Your Life? 10 People Share Theirs

The way we look at life now has changed as we grew up. We learned the hard way, we gained experience, we made mistakes, and we have also had a lot of successes. However, usually, there is one specific motto that really pushed us. It was like an epiphany that suddenly gave a little more sense to our actions.

People on Reddit came together to share the one piece of advice that changed their life so that perhaps the rest of us can combine their lived experience with ours in an effort to continue to grow and live life to its most potential.

Not Everyone Is Worth Listening To

man looking into the horizon

Karl Fredrickson / Unsplash

"If you wouldn't take advice from them, why would you take criticism?" - Howdydobe / Reddit

The older we are, the more we learn not to care about everyone's criticism. It's basically impossible to please everyone at all times.

Someone will always be projecting their own shortcomings, jealousy or values even when we feel proud of our accomplishments. The only people we should look up to are the ones we strive to be like.

Think Before You Speak

woman looking up in thought

Tachina Lee / Unsplash

"I was always told to think three things: Does this need to be said? Does this need to be said by me? Does this need to be said by me right now? If it's a no on any of these, shut up." - ruiner32

We often say things we don't mean or wish we could take back, only to have trouble falling asleep at night because we're thinking of all the things we should have said instead. So why not take the time at the moment to sit in silence before speaking to make sure that our thoughts align with our words?

Silence Is Powerful

woman shushes secret

Kristina Flour / Unsplash

"A quiet life is not a boring life" - JusticeforKimPine

There is power in silence. Within it we find ourselves. We find peace and tranquility. We can push aside all the noise of society and find our true selves so that we can reach our highest selves.

That's why meditation at its most powerful is silent. Having a quiet life doesn't mean missing out on experiences and staying home, it just means not caving to the excessive noise.

Emotions Come And Go

woman looking out the blinds

Joshua Rawson Unsplash

​"Don't make permanent decisions on temporary emotions"- 4evadreaming

Our impulse is usually to act in the heat of the moment. It is the moment during which we feel most powerful. However, emotions aren't reliable. Even when you think you're listening to your gut, you need to actually take the time to decipher what your gut is telling you by stripping it from overshadowing emotions. These emotions will pass but the decision you make during them will last.

The Value of Releasing

hand releasing butterfly into the woods

Dan Gold / Unsplash

"Hating someone is like drinking poison yourself and waiting until it kills them." - ziftarous

In release there is freedom. When we hold onto to resentment, we keep ourselves prisoners. We give away our power to someone else. We let our happiness be dictated by actions that are outside of our control. The truth of the matter is that how we feel about someone else won't change them. We can only change ourselves and how we feel about them.

Good Memories Can Be Bad

locks of love hung up on wire

Maria Cappelli / Unsplash

" 'Good memories can be just as toxic as bad memories.' So many people hold on to the good times in the past, hoping that it'll be like that again. You remember how good things were at the start, and you convince yourself 'they're not that bad, remember that one good time..."

But what's in the past has already happened. Your current reality is not that anymore. Good memories can really trap you in bad places if you're not careful. This advice has definitely been a wake-up call to me before." - Embarrassed-Bar-2869

Youth Is From Within

couple being affectionate by a tree

Jacok Owens / Unsplash

"Don't find someone to grow old with, find someone to stay forever young with." - LewisandLucy

Your life doesn't simply have to end or slow down as you age. Having a partner is still willing to adapt and experience the beauty of life with you at any age is like forever. It gives you an opportunity to fall in love with one another over and over again.

There Is No Point In Comparaison

woman looking through binoculars

David Sinclair / Unsplash

"Comparison is the thief of joy" - LewisandLucy

Some of us are blessed from a young age through the family we are born into, while some of us have to work towards our blessing as we get older. Not one is more deserving than the other. Opportunities can also be created in the way that best serves us. There is no point in feeling bad about ourselves because we are not matching someone who is meant for a completely different path.

Everyone Is On Their Own Journey

black and white of woman throwing a punch

Timothy Eberly

" Most things people do have nothing to do with you, even if it's directed at you. It really did change my life in that I hardly ever take things personally anymore." - StaplePriz

Nine times out of ten there is the history behind our every word and action. We subconsciously project our pain and our hope. If someone steps out of line, it's likely a projection of their own struggle and not at all a reflection of you. Knowing this makes it much easier to move on.

Control Only What You Can

"ONLY worry about what you CAN control... which isn't very much." - giantbooze

At the end of the day, we're all simply doing our best. We're all capable of creating, adapting and changing our environments but we also need to take into account that we cannot change others. That means that we will face obstacles as we navigate how to get around them and that is just part of the journey.​

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