8 simple laws of Karma that will change the way you think

Recently my daughter asked me what karma was. I explained that life was sort of like a box.

Every time you do something good, you put a good thing in the box and every time you do something bad, you put a bad thing in the box.

When you do something that is neutral and considered neither good nor bad, that goes in the box as well. It is karma's job to deal the things in the box back out to you.

So if there are more bad things in the box than good things, you're more likely to be dealt something bad, but the same goes for the good things.

This is a very simplistic overview of the concept of karma, and it works for a curious kid, but truthfully karma is actually a complex and detailed force that includes many determining criteria.

Below is an explanation of the 8 lesser known laws of karma that will change the way you act, think and live.

1. The law of humility.

The law of humility puts forth the idea that if you cannot acknowledge something, you cannot change it. We must learn to accept things as they are before we try to go about making them different.

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2. The law of creation.

This law is about creating your own life and reality. It states that life does not simply happen to us, but requires our participation. If you focus your energy on creating the life and the world you want to live in, it will be so.

3. The law of growth.

The law of growth tells us that the potential for true progress and change comes from within us, not external sources.

If we want to change, we must not look to the people and things and circumstances in our lives, but into our own hearts and minds.

4. The law of responsibility.

The law of responsibility states that if we feel a disturbance in our lives, like something is wrong or broken, we cannot lay the blame on anyone but ourselves.

Your own life is your own responsibility, never that of others, plain and simple.

5. The law of connection.

This law refers to the idea that everything in the universe is connected. There is no such thing as disconnection.

Every action, every person, every thing in the universe is connected to all the other things in some way. Even time, our past, present and future are all connected and cannot truly be separated from each other.

6. The law of giving.

The law of giving states that whatever you give in life is what you will get back. Lock your door and you'll find every door you ever try to open is locked as well.

Enclose your assets in the palm of your hand and you will never find an open hand outstretched to you.

7. The law of focus.

The law of focus states that we are only truly able to think of one thing at once. You cannot occupy your mind with more because you cannot divide your focus in this way.

Truthfully we can only think of one and a half things at once, because our attention cannot be doubled, only divided out in parts once you move past a single thought.

8. The law of presence.

The law of presence is perhaps the most poignant of all, calling for full mental, emotional and physical presence in the current moment.

We cannot dwell on the past and progress onward, and we cannot dwell on the future because it cannot possibly be known.

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