Emotional Healing

5 Signs You Seriously Need Emotional Healing

Emotional healing comes in many forms. Moving on from grief may take a lot of inner exploration, confrontation, meditation, and time.

But the first step to emotionally healing is admitting you need to and let it happen. These are the signs that it's time.

1. Your mind is working too hard.

When we need to emotionally heal but don't want to, we tend to distract ourselves. This leads to our minds working entirely too hard.

This can increase stress and reduce productivity. Be gentle on your mind. Let yourself emotionally heal.

2. You're stuck in the same old routine.

This can manifest in a number of ways. You can find yourself getting the same types of jobs over and over again or having the same dating troubles over and over again.

It's like you can't break out of your cycles. You know you have emotional turmoil, but maybe you can't quite pinpoint it. This is a clear sign it's time for some healing.

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3. You feel a lack of intuition.

Your intuition is your ability to perceive what's coming before it does. Usually this is built up through experience. Sometimes, emotional trauma blocks our ability to go with our gut. It leaves us kind of blind.

4. You tend to react instead of think.

Everything is an extreme emotional reaction without actually thinking when you're in need of emotional healing. Every little thing sets you off. you don't think before you react.

5. You can't trust anyone.

This is the biggest sign you need to heal. Do you want to stress less, sleep better, and feel abundantly happier... without drugs or anything crazy?

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Signs From The Spirit World

5 Signs The Spirit World Is Trying To Reach You

You might hear a voice, or feel like there are eyes on you when no one else is around. Is it all just made up, or is it possible that you're being watched by someone beyond the grave?

The spirit world tries to reach us in a variety of ways to get messages across that are important to us. Don't worry, it's never spooky scary stuff. Here are the 5 signs the spirit world is trying to reach you.

1. Your senses are tipped off.

Many times, the spirit world will communicate through your five senses.

The spirit of your grandmother may try to get her attention by creating the odor of her favorite perfume, or you may see the outline of a man who looked like your father.

Sometimes high pitched ringing sounds are heard when the spirit world is trying to reach you.

2. Your computer, lights, or phone may act up.

When spirits are trying to contact you, they may attempt to use electronics in your home to get your attention.

You'll notice lights turning off or on, computers and cell phones acting up, and radios turning on without your help.

3. Your dreams are more vivid.

The easiest way for the spirit world to get into your head is when dreaming, as the barriers between their world and your consciousness are at their thinnest when you're asleep.

Keep a journal by your bed and record any odd dreams that may involve spirits sending you a message. These dreams will be far more vivid than most.

4. You get chills, goosebumps.

When a spirit is present, your body feels their temperature, which is colder, that can lead to chills and goosebumps.

Often this happens if you find yourself talking about the person who is gone from this world. It's just them paying you a little visit.

5. You seem to know things you shouldn't.

The spirit world doesn't haunt us, but instead tries to guide us, using telepathy, synchronicity, and other clues.

They may give us foresight into what's coming, or a deeper understanding of our life path. Much of this knowing comes in the form of a thought simply popping into your head.

The spirit world is apart from us, yet all around us at the same time. What have you experienced when visited by spirits?

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