3 Fool Proof Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying

1. Their vibe just changes.

Sometimes we can just sort of get a feel for people.

There's something subtle about them and the way they act. In this case, you just need to listen to your heart. Go with your gut. It's probably not leading you astray.

2. Their body language suddenly changes.

55% of communication is our body language.

We have a keen ability to pick up on subtle hints. If they're blinking rapidly, not blinking at all, not making eye contact, putting their fingers on or near their mouths, or change their head position quickly, you're probably hearing a lie.

3. Their tone suddenly changes.

Almost 40% of our communication actually comes from the tone of voice we use, not simply the words. When someone is lying to you, they may speak more quietly, stutter a bit, and you may notice them giving you way more information than is actually needed in an attempt to convince you.

Their voice may have a tone of anxiety or fear too, which is an especially big giveaway when you've asked them something innocuous like what they did today. Body language and tone are two great giveaways.

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