Stop Hating Yourself and Start Loving Yourself

5 Things Self-Loving People Do Differently

Life is all about being comfortable in your skin and truly loving yourself, but that's sometimes easier said than done. We live in a society that puts us down and generates self loathing. So what types of thing do people who love themselves do?

1. They hold strong to their beliefs, but...

They don't cling to them without thought. They have their core beliefs, but even those core beliefs are subject to change. They're open minded and not entirely stubborn, but they don't just change up their beliefs on a whim.

2. They're happy with themselves.

This one makes perfect sense! When they wake up in the morning, they're happy to be waking into their lives. When they look in the mirror, they like who looks back.

When they go to work, they enjoy what they do. They feel like they've made all the right decisions because they decided what those decisions would be. Not anyone else.

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3. They take care of themselves.

Happy people aren't necessarily superficial, but they often take care of themselves. They stay active, they keep themselves clean, they keep their homes organized - they like to have it all together.

4. They participate in their community.

Happy people got that way in part because it feels good to give once in a while.

Happy people are glad to donate to charity, to help out at the soup kitchen, and to help clean up local parks that kids play in. It really does make you feel happy to give back to your community.

5. They don't need blame.

Problems arise, but blame fixes nothing. Happy people recognize that fact. Blaming others doesn't fix the problem, nor does blaming themselves.

There's really no need to deflect fault. Simply recognize that something went wrong, fix it if it can be fixed, and move on if not.

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