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There is something to be said for a person’s potential for forgiveness and healing.

It’s something different though to put up with emotionally limiting factors in a relationship when you don’t need to.

These behavior patterns start innocuously, building into toxic relationships quickly.

We take apart some of these behaviors and point out their negativity even in the small scale.

Remember that you are an amazing person! What makes you amazing isn’t the ability to tolerate unnecessary nonsense.

1. Disrespectful Language

One of the core foundations of relationships is communication.

The idea is as follows, the better you can relate to and inform your partner, the better mutual decisions you can make as a team.

For no reason should negative language be tolerated: name calling, emotional harassment, put downs or intentionally making you feel uncomfortable.

2. An Overly Controlling Partner

Healthy and productive relationships are two people working together as equals, not one dominating or controlling the other.

The problem is that few relationships start out in this toxic fashion. It important that you retain your independence from the beginning.

As soon as your partner starts to restrict you, make it a point to relay the importance of your independence.

3. Breaches Of Trust

I’m not going to talk about whether you should stay in a relationship with a cheater or generally shady person.

I will point out that a strong and mutual sense of respect are necessary for a lasting, productive relationship.

Without these, the two of you will spend all your time ‘putting out fires’.

4. Incessant Neediness

Teamwork means a little give and take, not one sided taking.

The energy that could be spent making you both grow and feel more connected, is now being spent on their neediness and maintaining the relationship’s status quo.

5. Persistent Negativity

We chose our significant other because they bring out the best in us, are fun, respectful, and a source of inspiration.

We did not pick them because they are needy, negative, and a constant drain on our emotions.

If this attitude has persisted for more than two weeks, with no sign or attempt at recovery, rethink the basis for your relationship.

6. They Don’t Make You A Priority

This shows a dis balance in the relationship.If you are trying to make them an important part of your life, but they don’t have the time of day for you, this shows a lack of equality.

If you are willing to make sacrifices for them, but they intentionally spend more time away from you than with you, you deserve better.

7. Emotional Unavailability

It understandable that a person may be emotionally unavailable at the start of a relationship. Those walls will need to stay up as they come to trust and understand you.

After the relationship begins to develop and become more genuine, they need to start making efforts to connect with you.

A person has to be able to love themselves and understand their specific needs before they can really love someone else.

8. Making No Effort To Listen

We’ve touched on the importance of clear and genuine communication.

Simply if they don’t listen to you, they don’t respect you, or don’t truly care about you. You deserve better, no questions, no excuses.

9. Someone Who Doesn’t Support Your Dreams

Your partner needs to have your back 120%. It helps to find someone with a dream you can get behind.

You will need encouragement along the way and if your significant isn’t the one giving it to you, the absence is painfully felt.

10. Unwavering Irresponsibility

Circling once more to teamwork, your significant other must be at least as competent and invested as you.

If not there is a high chance that no matter you deep your love, their constant mistakes and irresponsibility will drag you down.

Also if some one is being reckless or childish with an aspect of their life, they don’t truly care. If they did they would try harder.

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